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Published 12:00 am Friday, February 23, 2007

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – February 23, 2007 From the 02/23/07 issue of The Panolian    

Court Report
Batesville homeowner ordered to clean up or face jail time
By Emily Williams

A new police officer was sworn in by Judge Bill McKenzie during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Frederick Payne, formerly of Memphis, has joined the Batesville Police Department.

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Junk violation
Pat Bryant, 220 Broad St., Batesville, returned to city court for a review for a junk ordinance violation and a zoning ordinance violation.

City code enforcement officer John McCollum and the city’s prosecuting attorney Parker Still recommended to Judge McKenzie that Bryant remove all the junk behind his residence and remove the commercial business that is in a residential area behind his home by March 7 or serve seven days in jail.

Bryant told the judge that he would be tearing down the entire building.

The judge said a deadline needs to be set for the building to be torn down, so that it does get finished.

Bryant said he could have it finished by August.

Disorderly conduct
Judge McKenzie remanded to the court files charges of disorderly conduct and public profanity filed against Kevin Young, 272 Ridge Rd., Courtland, by Edward Dickson on behalf of his juvenile daughter, a classmate of Young.

The juvenile told the judge she and Young were in a class together when the incident occurred.

After conferring with Dickson, prosecutor Parker Still recommended to the judge that the charges be remanded and that the defendant stay at least 150 feet away from the affiant.

"For instance, if they are in the same class together, he is placed on the other side of the room," said Still.

"You understand that if this is remanded to the files and it happens again, it will be brought back up in court?" the judge asked Young.

"Yes, sir, I don’t have that class with her anymore," said Young.

Terry Griffin, 6716 Curtis Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to having a crack pipe in his possession at the Skyline Motel.

"I was renting the room, but it wasn’t mine," said Griffin.

His trial will be heard March 7.

Domestic violence
James D. Johnson, 203 Draper St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence.

He was fined $355.

Danny Corley, 394 Greenbriar, Courtland, was sentenced to time served for the eight days in jail he served awaiting trial for domestic violence-simple assault against Betty Lester.

"I was cussing, but I didn’t touch her," said Corley.
He admitted he had been arrested 10 times over disputes with the same lady.

The judge recommended that he stay away from her if they can’t get along.

Marketus Brown, 124 W. Days Inn Rd., Grenada, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault.

"I didn’t hit her, but I did cause an injury," said Brown.

His trial will be March 7.

Failure to appear
Jason Kitchkeg, 220 West St., Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges of disorderly conduct, expired tag, driving while license suspended and no proof of insurance.

"He hasn’t honored his bond on two or three occasions," the judge said.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Contempt of court
Pamela Hill, 446-B Pope-Water Valley, Pope, entered the city’s work program for 23 days in lieu of paying old fines of $937 that have been due since July 2006.

Calvin Wilbourn, 205 Rockhill Rd., Sardis, was ordered to pay his old fines of $451 (due since May, 2006) by March 15, or serve six months in jail and still owe the fine.

Adam Smith, 9187-A Hwy. 51 South, Batesville, failed to appear to answer contempt of court charges for old fines of $385 that have been due since January 2004.

Grand jury
Aretha Jenkins, 2680 Seven Rd., Batesville, was bound over to the grand jury for false pretense. She paid her old fines of $1,195 prior to court.

Carlos Brassell, 956 Lawrence Bros., Batesville, had a felony mischief charge continued.

Linda Hamilton filed charges against Brassell for causing more than $500 worth of damages to her property. She alleged that Brassell destroyed her carpet by flooding and poured bleach on her beds.

Hamilton no longer wants to pursue the charges, said attorney Helen Kelley.

With a felony case, the affiant can’t withdraw, according to the judge.

The case was continued while lawyers for the parties work on an agreement.

The MDOC also has an investigative hold on Brassell

David Herring, 230-A Carlisle Rd., had a simple assault charge remanded to the court files because the affiant failed to appear to prosecute the case.

Cases set for trial
Tyrone Griffin, 6758 Curtis Rd., Batesville, failed to appear for a trial on charges of careless driving and driving while license suspended. Officer Scott Cagle was present and testified in the case and the judge found Griffin guilty. He imposed a fine of $487.

Annie Blackburn had a lower fine imposed for no proof of insurance after she showed the judge she received insurance after the ticket was issued. Her lower fine was $183

Sandra T. Slater
, 201 Horseshoe, Crenshaw, was fined $464 for no proof of insurance and no driver’s license.

Johnny B. Leonard, 131 King Rd., Enid, was fined $583 for no proof of insurance.

Martha House, 339 Hays St., Batesville, was told to return to court with proof of insurance.

Charles A. Lewis, 13007 Ballentine Rd., had a no proof of insurance charge continued to give him time to get insurance and save $400. He was fined $141 for driving while license suspended and speeding.

Stinery E. Sulton, 218 Martinez St., Yazoo City, was fined $275 for expired tag, and no proof of insurance. An expired driver’s license ticket was dismissed after the defendant provided proof that the license had been reinstated.

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