Reports – 9/29/2006

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 29, 2006

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – September 29, 2006

 From the 9/29/06 issue of The Panolian       

Restaurant Inspections
The following restaurant inspections are for the month of August. Results are taken from the Mississippi Department of Health web site.
August 1
  Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
225 Lakewood Dr., Batesville
  Sonic Drive In
700 Highway 6 East, Batesville
August 2
  Goodtimes Pizza
25485 Highway 315, Sardis
  Perry’s Catering
310 Highway 6 West, Batesville
  Rolling Hills Nightclub
24012 Hwy. 315 East, Sardis
August 3
  McDonald’s #6558
320 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  New China Buffet
180 Keating Rd., Batesville
  Rascal’s #20 – Hot Stuff Pizza
696 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Steak Escape
100 Hwy. 51 North, Batesville
August 7
  Mimi’s Quick Stop #3
101 Highway 51 North, Sardis
August 17
  B & J Restaurant
27918 Highway 6 East, Sardis
  Wendy’s Hamburgers
395 Highway 6 East, Batesville
August 18
  Sardis Nursing Home
613 East Lee St., Sardis
August 21
  Batesville Gas Mart #3
630 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Beverly Healthcare
154 Woodland Rd., Batesville
34443 Blackjack Rd., Batesville
  Robison’s Crossroads
27789 Hwy. 6 East, Batesville
  Taco Bell
705 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Terza One Stop
22023 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Tuck’s Barbeque and Deli
413 East Lee St., Sardis
August 29
  Capers Catering
129 Public Square, Batesville
  Capers Restaurant
129 Public Square, Batesville
  Capers Snack Bar
129 Public Square, Batesville
August 30
  Como Steakhouse
203 Main St., Como. Passed.
  The Ranch
223 Main St., Como. Passed.
  The Ranch Bar
223 Main St., Como. Passed.
Court Report
Drug suspects appear before municipal judge for contempt charges
By Emily Williams

Three defendants who were arrested last week after a drug "roundup" by the Panola County Drug Task Force appeared in Batesville Municipal Court to answer contempt of court charges for old fines.

Reginald Taylor, 357 Greg Taylor Rd., Courtland, had old fines of $3,974 that dated back to December 2000.

"How are you going to pay the old fines?" asked Judge Bill McKenzie.

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"I have the money," Taylor said.

"Well, it has been five years. Why haven’t you paid?" McKenzie asked.

"Well, I haven’t been having the money."

Spectators in the court room giggled after Taylor’s reply.

Taylor is being held on a bond of $10,000 for a felony charge of selling crack cocaine.

"Your fine is due before you are released on bond," the judge said.

Dyenthon Barksdale, 228 Henry Harris Rd., Batesville, had old fines of $540 that have been due since November 2004.

"I sent the money to my sister and the money got lost," he said.

Barksdale is being held on a $30,000 bond for three charges of sale of cocaine.

Brandon Turner, 973 Shell Rd., Batesville, had old fines of $424 that have been due since October 2003.

The judge ordered all three defendants to pay their old fines before they could be released on bond.
Other contempt cases

Dorothy Boyette, Mt. Olivet Rd., Batesville, had old fines of $525 that have been due since March 2006.
"I can pay it in full. I get a check Tuesday," Boyette said.

The judge told her if she didn’t have the fines paid in full by 5 p.m. Tuesday, she would serve 30 days in jail.

Landon Long, 214 Hays, Batesville, was previously told by the judge he would serve 90 days in jail if he did not pay his old fines of $821 that have been due since May 2005.

Long didn’t have the money to pay the fines and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Timeka Johnson, 4429 Old Panola, Batesville, was told on September 6 to return to court with proof of payment for old fines of $609 that have have been due since December 2005.

Johnson told the judge she paid the fines in February.

"I couldn’t find any proof," she said.

The court clerk didn’t have any records of payments either.

The judge told Johnson she had until October 15 to pay her fines in full.

Judge McKenzie continued the case of Eric Roper, 809 Carr Ave., Clarksdale, charged with contempt of court-old fines of $505 that have been due since Nov. 2004. He also has contempt charges in Clarksdale.

James Mosley, 445 Sanders Rd., Sardis, paid his old fines of $618 that have been due since October 2005 prior to court.

Brandon Wicks, 2643 Chapeltown, Courtland, bonded out of jail prior to court and will be transferred to the grand jury on charges of possession of controlled substance and disorderly conduct.

Cases set for trial
Edward Eidson, 8188 Pope-Crowder Rd., Pope, had a red light violation withdrawn by the city.

Thomas Brotherton, 1032 Cliff Finch Rd., Water Valley, had no fine imposed for a speeding ticket issued by Officer Josh Hobbs.

After hearing testimonies from both the defendant and the officer the judge said "I feel the ticket is valid. It is a close call."

Hobbs said he clocked Brotherton going 53 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h. zone on Hwy. 6 west past Sav-A-Lot.

Brotherton said he worked late that night at First Security Bank and was heading to Power Drive.

He politely explained to the judge that there was a brown car in front of him and maybe the officer "clocked" him speeding.

"The speed limit sign is 35 m.p.h. in front of Sav-A-Lot," said Hobbs.

Brotherton entered into driving school to keep the ticket off of his record.

Jacqueline Johnson, 211 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to simple assault (child abuse) and was fined $265.

Two representatives from the Department of Human Services were present.

The city’s prosecuting attorney Parker Still asked the judge that Johnson have 30 days suspended jail time pending good behavior.

The judge told Johnson she would also do 30 days in jail if she did not pay her fine in full.

Johnson asked the judge if she could have her child back.

"You will have to discuss that with DHS," the judge replied.

The two representatives from DHS and Johnson went to the back room in the court house to discuss the matter.

The judge continued charges filed against Jeremy Parttridge, 103 Johnson St., Batesville. He is charged with domestic violence-simple assault and failing to appear twice.

The affiant, Officer Charlie Tindall, was in his first week of police academy and was not present to testify in the case.

Michael Hollis, 877 Tallaha, Tillatobia, failed to appear to answer disorderly conduct-failure to comply charges.

Larry Fuqua, 200 Calvary St., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to trespassing on affiant Linda Coalburn’s property.

The court had ordered Fuqua not to go to that property two weeks ago.

"I was on the street by the mail box to give a message to someone," Fuqua said.

A trial will be heard next Wednesday.

Anthony Griffin, 4127 Seven Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. A trial date was set for Oct. 4.

Eric Cathey, 1164 Lawrence, Batesville, had a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after providing proof. As the judge questioned him about a second charge, giving false information, Cathey was uncooperative.

McKenzie told police officers in the court room, "Go sit him down until he can answer my questions!"

Cathey later entered a guilty plea to driving while license suspended and false information, but said he was not guilty of violating the city’s ordinance against loud music. His trial date is Oct. 11.

He was also taken out in handcuffs to be transported to the Grenada jail to answer contempt charges there.

Krystal L. Johnson, 23110 Hwy. 35 North, Batesville, was fined $356 for driving while license suspended.
Dianne Lee, 12 Hwy. 334, Oxford, was fined $356 for driving while license suspended.

Emma Jean Ards, 200-H Lester St., Batesville, was fined $287 for running a stop sign and improper equipment.

Felicia D. Butts, 8429 Old Panola, Sardis, was fined $262 for improper passing and no child restraint.

Marlin Edwards, 100 Tindall Cove, Batesville, had a no driver’s license fine reduced to $141 after he showed the judge he had gotten a license before court.

Dennis T. Rudd, 109 Hoskins Rd., Batesville, was fined $406 for no driver’s license and speeding.

Lara Ann Wright, 139 Todd Rd., Batesville, was fined $281 for no driver’s license and had a trial date set for a stop sign violation after saying she didn’t "do it."

Harley Fee, 1040 Myrtle St., Marks, had a no tag and a no proof of insurance charge continued.

Eddie M. Baker, 101-C Brasher Rd., Batesville, had a lower fine imposed for no proof of insurance after she showed the judge she had gotten insurance after the ticket was issued. She was also charged with driving on the wrong side of the road. Her total fines were $314.

Alexander Mister, 1838 Cotton Plant Rd., Batesville, had a lower fine imposed for driving while license suspended after showing the judge he had his license reinstated.

Ronnie Robinson, 409 1/2 Armstrong St., Batesville, was fined $281 for no driver’s license.

Chiquita Woodard, 13184 Pope-Water Valley, Water Valley, was fined $181 for reckless driving.

Jason D. McClay, 304 Hubbard Rd., Pope, was fined $487 for loud music violation and driving while license suspended.




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