Reports – 2/3/2006

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 3, 2006

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – February 3, 2006

 From the 2/3/06 issue of The Panolian       

City Court Report

McKenzie binds statutory rape case over to grand jury

By Emily Williams

A Batesville man charged with statutory rape was referred to the grand jury during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Judge Bill McKenzie held the preliminary hearing for Jimmy Hines of 101 Normandy, Batesville, (not the same Jimmie L. Hines of 348 Greg Taylor Road, Courtland.)

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Detective Paul Shivers testified that the 14-year-old minor child did admit that it was consentual.

Shivers also testified that the child is being treated by a doctor and also has a forensic interview scheduled for counseling.

Hines stated that he did not have any sexual relations with the girl and that he did talk to her on the phone as a friend.

"I see her as a little sister," said Hines.

Shivers testified that the family first heard talk of the incident at the barber shop.

Hines did request a reduction of the bond, which was first set at $50,000.

The bond was reduced to $15,000 after Shivers stated that the family has "calmed down" a bit.

Lashon Carpenter, 1817 Spring Port, Sardis, was referred to the grand jury for arson. Carpenter also had old fines of $1,254 which were paid before bonding out.

Arlando Webb, 110 Williams St., Batesville, was also referred to the grand jury for sale of controlled substance.

Petit larceny
Jessica Turnage and Jimmy Berryhill, both of 175 Toliver Rd., Batesville, had petit larceny charges dismissed.

Affiant Chasity Ragon testified that three pumpkins and six torches worth $160 were stolen from her yard at 201 Pollard Street in October.

"I think they did it out of spite," said Ragon.

Ragon said her neighbor did see a gold car that matched Turnage’s car in the area the same day the items were stolen.

Ragon also said she drove by Berryhill’s house and found a pumpkin with her child’s name painted on it and tombstones her boyfriend made.

She said that is when they called the sheriff’s department and retrieved the tombstones.

Berryhill’s mother Vickie Bauglan testified that he was on the coast during the incident and that his girlfriend, Turnage, did decorate his yard for Halloween.

"I do a lot of woodwork. If you come to my shed you will find a lot of woodwork," said Bauglan.

Judge McKenzie said, "Charges must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal charge has not been proven."

Cecelia McCain, 959 Chickasaw, Pope, was found guilty of stealing a pair of Nike shoes from Factory Brand Shoes worth $64.19.

"What The Panolian said was taken out of context. I have a compulsive disorder," said McCain.
I did not steal those shoes," added McCain.

"This is not about what the paper said, this is about whether you stole the shoes or not," replied Judge McKenzie.

McCain testified that she went to her truck to change shoes.

"All my shoes look brand new, if they don’t, I throw them away," said McCain.

Affiant Stephanie Russell with Factory Brand Shoes, said McCain walked in the store wearing a pair of brown boots and walked out with a pair of white Nike’s on her feet and the boots under her coat.

"I saw an empty box that matched the shoes she had on her feet," said Russell.

Detective Michael Roberts Jr. testified that McCain offered to pay for the shoes "to keep the situation down."

She was fined $610 and banned from Factory Brand Shoes.

Judge McKenzie told McCain, "You are going to have to do your shoe business somewhere else."

Simple assault
Johnathan Parker, 302 Patton Lane, Batesville, had a simple assault charge dismissed.
Both the defendant and affiant Keyondrick Watters admitted to hitting each other.

Omar Jones, 278-E Rudy Rd., Courtland, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence – simple assault. A trial was set for February 22.

Morrie Turner and Joseph Welch, both of 202 Claude St., Batesville, entered not guilty pleas to domestic violence – simple assault.

A trial was set for February 8.

Fred Keeton, 120 Cheyenne, Hot Springs, Ark., entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence- simple assault by hitting his wife with his fist.

Keeton told Judge McKenzie they were staying at the Skyline in Batesville and that his wife had gotten in an altercation with someone at the bar next door.
A trial was set for February 8 with witnesses.

Cynthia Tribble, 204-A Lester St., Batesville, had a malicious mischief charge dismissed after affiant Barry Flowers failed to appear.

Monica House, 339 Hayes St., Batesville, was fined $305 for petit larceny and restitution fees of $127 for transactions made on a stolen credit card at Tobacco World, World’s Beauty Supply, Gas Mart and Murphy’s.

"We have to get these people paid back," said Judge McKenzie.

Jason McClay, 304 Hubbard Rd., Pope, failed to appear for disorderly conduct – failure to comply and old fines of $397 that have been due since September 2004.

He was previously assigned to 21 days on the city work program to satisfy fines, but failed to complete the assigned number of days.

Fox Bonding Company was notified.

Reginald Stevenson, 25527 Hwy. 35, Sardis, failed to appear for contempt of court – old fines of $647 that have been due since July 2005.

Shervidia Reeves, 1039 Hawkins Rd., Courtland, had contempt of court – old fines of $2,549 that have been due since September 2003. She had a 90-day suspended jail sentence to serve after failing to complete the assigned number of days on the city work program.

"I had transportation problems," said Reeves.

Willie Mitchell, 4271 Nash Rd., Batesville, had contempt of court – old fines of $1,649 that have been due since October 2003.

"I honestly feel I can pay it in 30 days," said Mitchell.

"You will serve six months if every dime isn’t paid in full," said Judge McKenzie.

Suyvone Hallmon, 131 3rd St., Crowder, had a lower fine of $183 imposed for no proof of insurance. She provided valid proof of insurance after the ticket was issued.

Roderick Hoskins, 29230 Hwy. 6 East, Batesville, had a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after providing valid proof and an expired tag fine reduced 50 percent after providing proof he had gotten the tag reinstated the day of the ticket.

Hoskins entered a not guilty plea to the careless driving and a trial was set for February 15.

Donna Fay Perry, 10028 Curtis Rd., Batesville, had a lower fine of $361 imposed for driving while license suspended and no proof of insurance. She provided proof that she reinstated both her driving license and insurance after the ticket was issued.

Quentin V. Tellis, 6183 Hwy. 6 West, Batesville, enrolled in the city’s work release program instead of paying a fine of $373 for no driver’s license and expired tag.

Editor’s note:
The person listed in the Panola County Jail arrest log (Tuesday, January 31 issue of The Panolian) as Jerry (Terry) Gardner of P.O. Box 780, Como, is not the same person as Jerry Gardner, 11300 Curtis Road, Batesville.

Health Inspections
The following restaurant inspections are for the month of January. Results are taken from the Mississippi Department of Health web site. Results will not be withheld upon request.
January 3


205 House Carlson Dr., Batesville
January 4


620 East Lee St., Sardis
The Dawg House
209 Deaton St., Batesville
Wendy’s Hamburgers
395 Highway 6 East, Batesville
January 5
Harry B’s
1188 Highway 6 East, Batesville
Maggie T’s
715 Highway 35 North, Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Jan. 13.
Powell’s Country Corner
41 Mt. Olivet Rd., Batesville
January 6
Tri-Lakes Medical Center
303 Medical Center Dr., Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Jan. 9.
TC’s Soul Heaven
104 East Lee St., Sardis
January 8
Chevron Gas Mart
710 Highway 35 North, Batesville
January 14
Decorator’s Delight
117 Vick St., Batesville
McDonald’s #6558
320 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
Failed initial inspection and follow up on Jan. 17. Passed a second follow-up on Jan. 18.
Quizno’s Subs
440 Highway 6 East, Batesville
January 13
55/315 Gas Mart
551 East Lee St., Sardis
Como Amoco
16585 Highway 310 East, Como.
Failed initial inspection and a follow-up on Jan. 17. Passed a second follow-up on Jan. 19.
January 17
Dale’s Smokehouse Cafe
105 Highway 51 North, Batesville
Franklin Grocery
38803 Highway 315, Batesville
New China Buffet
180 Keating Rd., Batesville
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Jan. 24
Pizza Hut
306 Highway 6 East, Batesville
Whitworth’s Food Court
325 Lakewood Dr. #16-17, Batesville
January 18
Capers Bar
129 Public Square, Batesville
Capers Catering
129 Public Square, Batesville
Capers Restaurant
129 Public Square, Batesville
K-May’s Doughnuts and Bakery
146 Highway 6 East, Batesville
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Jan. 27.
Mi Pueblo
105 John R. Lovelace Dr., Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Jan. 24.
Mr. Jiffy #2
101 James St., Batesville
Rascal’s Express #3
309 Highway 6 West, Batesville
Sunny’s Country Store
12568 Highway 6 West, Batesville
January 19
Alvin’s Cafe Express
3319 Compress Rd., Como

January 24
Beverly Healthcare
154 Woodland Rd., Batesville
China Garden #2
450 Highway 6 East, Batesville

January 25
Quitman County Hospital/Summit Services
340 Getwell St., Marks
January 27
Batesville Civic Center/Boston Culinary Group
290 Civic Center Drive, Batesville
January 30
Bull Market
585 Highway 51 South, Batesville
Captain D’s
304 Highway 6 East, Batesville
Mr. Jiffy #3
229 Pearson St., Batesville
Waffle House
699 Highway 6 East, Batesville
Sheriff’s Report
No report this issue
Marriage Licenses
No report this issue
Divorces Granted
No report this issue
Health Inspections
No report this issue



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