Reports – 9/9/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 9, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – September 9, 2005

  From the 9/9/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
Bicycle theft brings jail time, $610 fine in municipal court
By Emily Darby

City Court Judge Bill McKenzie found a Batesville man guilty of two counts of petit larceny during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Larry Ford of Batesville was found guilty of taking two bikes worth around $250 from Alderman Rufus Manley’s home August 13.

Witness Curtis Hamilton of 311 Armstrong St., Batesville, was sitting in his van when he saw Ford taking the two bikes from the home of Manley, he told the judge.

Ford has already served 23 days of the 30 he was sentenced. He also has old fines of $759 due in 30 days from the release date and $610 for the petit larceny charges.

The judge dismissed simple assault charges that had been filed against Neshia Benson and Willie Benson Jr., both of 149 Victory Rd., Courtland.

Affiant Tammy Mitchell told Judge McKenzie that children were fighting amongst each other at a ?back to school? party at the Patton Lane Community Center, when Willie Benson Jr. and Neshia Benson hit her minor children.

Both Neshia and Willie Benson Jr. testified they were just trying to break up the fight.

After hearing long testimonies Judge McKenzie said, ?This is something the court cannot sort out. Children need to be straightened out by adults.?

Contempt of court
Leslie Shields of 238 Pearson St., Batesville, failed to appear to defend a charge of contempt of court-old fines of $425 that have been due since March of 2005.

Bobby Johnson of 532 Gleaton Rd., Pope, enrolled in the city’s work release program for 13 days in lieu of paying $500 in old fines that have been due since May of 2005.

Linda Pollard of 7 Main St., Courtland, was ordered to pay old fines of $325 that have been due since May of 2005 and a new fine of $130 for speeding. She will serve 60 days in jail if she doesn’t pay the full amount.

Jimmy Miles of 4238 Curtis Rd., Batesville, opted to enroll in the city’s work release program for 10 days in lieu of paying $405 in old fines.

Other cases
Nathan Daugherty of 16 Oak Grove Rd., Sardis, had a forgery charge dismissed after the affiant Etta Daugherty failed to pursue it.

Kenyatta Smith of 205-D Lester St., Batesville, had a charge of aggravated assault referred to the grand jury.

Sheriff’s Report    
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Marriage Licenses
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Divorces Granted
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Health Inspections
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