Reports – 4/29/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – April 29, 2005

  From the 4/29/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
By Emily Darby

A preliminary hearing for Brandon V. Taylor, 107 Vance St., Batesville, was heard in Municipal Court Wednesday.

Taylor was charged with carrying a concealed weapon at Wash-A-Lot, resisting arrest, stealing pistols from Jimmy Smith’s Pawn Shop and then burglarizing the same pawn shop on two different occasions.
Det. Paul Shivers shared his testimony. According to Shivers two witnesses gave the name Brandon Taylor when asked about the burglaries. Another witness said Taylor was down the road when the burglary happened.

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Judge McKenzie emphasized the hearing was only to prove probable cause so the case can move forward. Judge McKenzie referred the case to the grand jury and set a bond for $10,000.

William Ira Nelson Jr., 930 Old Denmark Rd., Jackson, Tenn., was also in court for a felony charge.

Nelson was charged with possession of a controlled substance (crack cocaine), possession of paraphernalia, no proof of insurance and careless driving. Judge McKenzie advised him to, "Stay in touch with a lawyer and bail bondsman." The case was referred to the grand jury.

Simple assault
Layanda S. Lee, 201 Atkins Apt. C, Sardis, was charged with two counts of simple assault. One simple assault charge was for making threats with a box cutter towards affiant Latasha Lewis and the other assault charge was for "ramming" Lewis’ car on a separate occasion.

Judge McKenzie heard the testimony of both parties. Lewis provided a witness, her juvenile sister. Lewis and the witness said that on the morning of Feb. 21, 2005, Lee drove to the affiants house with a box cutter making threats.

The defendant said, "I didn’t do that. Why would I have a box cutter? I have two kids."

The defendant was found guilty of the simple assault charge for making threats with a box cutter but the simple assault charge for "ramming" the affiant’s car was dismissed.

The defendant was enrolled in the city’s work release program in lieu of payment of $670 in fines. Judge McKenzie advised both parties to stay away from each other and to grow up.

Willie Lantrip, 3318 Bethlehem Rd., Batesville, was charged with three counts of simple assault. He was charged with causing bodily injury to Brenda Smith from throwing her into the wall and striking Smith’s 15-year-old daughter with a closed fist. He pled guilty and was fined $765.

Malicious mischief
Leslie Barksdale, 1732 Terza Rd., Batesville, was charged with breaking the windows out of Krishunna Green’s car. He pled guilty and was fined $255 and ordered to pay $331 to replace the windows.

Jessica Leigh Kemp, 310 South Circle, Clarksdale, failed to appear to answer charges of shoplifting at Wal-Mart. Fox Bonding was notified.

Another shoplifting charge was filed against James Taylor, 9232 Edith Nankipoo Rd., Ripley, Tenn. for taking fuses that cost $9.96 from Wal-Mart. He was fined $595.

Careless driving
Willie McMillan, 217 Noble St., Batesville, was charged with careless driving for almost hitting Officer Miller on Hwy. 6 West coming out of Citgo parking lot.

McMillan said the bushes at the Citgo gas station were in his view of sight causing him to pull out in front of the officer. Judge McKenzie said he would go to Citgo and see about the bushes and rule next week.

Travis H. Hale, 2570 Baker Rd., Batesville, was charged with contempt of court?old fines, no proof of insurance, driving while license suspended (implied consent) and leaving the scene of an accident. Judge McKenzie offered to lower the current fine of $1,911 to $1,011 if he provided insurance in 30 days. He owes total fines of $3,088.
Kent Knight, 105 Lester St., Batesville, was charged with contempt of court for having fines of $500 due since July of 2004. Judge McKenzie told him he could work the fine off through the city work program.

Keneshai Cauthen-Reed, 231 Van Voris, Batesville, was charged with contempt of court-old fines that have been due since October 2004. Judge McKenzie told Reed, "We don’t beg people to do what they’re ordered to do." He told her this was the last time he would hear the case and she would pay the fine of $415 after court Wednesday at this time and no later.

Labelle Hill, 414 Frederick St., Sardis, failed to appear to answer a contempt of court-old fines and two other failure-to-appear charges. A-U Bail was notified.

Charges dismissed
Two charges of loud music were dismissed by Judge McKenzie.

James E. Houston, 2736 Taylor Rd., Courtland, was charged with playing loud music in his ?97 Chevy pick-up while driving down Martin Luther King. Officer Ragon said he could hear the music on Martinez St. The city’s loud music ordinance says anything heard outside of 30 feet is considered loud music.

Judge McKenzie said, "Let’s use this an a learning experience." The case was dismissed.

Anthony T. Harris, 156-B Will Stewart Rd., Batesville, was also charged with loud music. Officer Ragon said the defendant’s green Oldsmobile was parked at Crowson’s Grocery and he could hear explicit lyrics.

The defendant said he was in the store and that his keys were in his pocket and that the radio wasn’t on. This case was also dismissed.

Traffic tickets
Travis L. Burt, 30 Oak Grove, Charleston, was fined $514 for driving while license suspended and expired tag.

Eric Jason Perez, 374 Hunter Creek Rd., Charleston, was fined $806 for careless driving and driving while license suspended.

Jimmy Dale Kennedy, 1580 John Branch Rd., Batesville, was fined $1,195 for no proof of insurance and running a red light.

Albert Lee Gray, P.O. Box 180, Batesville, was fined $174 for expired tag.

The law allows drivers who receive a ticket for no insurance to have their fine lowered if they purchase insurance and provide proof to the court.

That’s what Shaneeka D. Williams, 86 Otto Sanford Subdivision, Courtland, did. Her fine for the lesser charge was $155.

Shane Heath Trammell, 2188 Cold Springs Rd., Sardis, had a similar charge of no insurance, but Judge McKenzie lowered his fine when he showed documentation that he now has insurance on his vehicle. He was fined $155 for no proof of insurance and $104 for speeding.

Jason N. Pettit, 462 Krotzer Rd., Sardis, was fined $104 for speeding.

Latoya Yvonne Corley, 111 Alred Rd., Courtland, was fined $1,055 for no proof of insurance.

Bernard L. Rushing, 262 Second St., Falcon has contested a charge of disregarding a traffic device. He pled guilty to no driver’s license and no proof of insurance. Trial was set for May 18.

Vermacy Diane Corbitt, was charged with careless driving. She contested the charge and will return to court next Wednesday.

Patrick Durrell Alexander, 2890 Veazey Rd., Senatobia, was fined $340 for driving while license suspended.

Richard E. Jones, 2745 Shiloh Rd., Courtland, was fined $1,055 for no proof of insurance.

Cedric Wright, 139 Todd Rd., was charged with improper equipment and will work his fine off with the city work program.

Anne Claire Poland, 258 Dogwood Lane, Batesville, was fined $97 for speeding.

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