Sports / Outdoors – 9/24/2004

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 24, 2004

Panolian Sports Headlines: September 24, 2004

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North Panola Homecoming
Chosen for the North Panola Homecoming Court to be presented next week are (first row, l to r) Danielle Jones, Tamesha Stinson, Whitney Whitehead, Marteena Taylor, Cheveasta Merrell, Lisa Edwards, all senior maids; (second row, l to r) Lakevia Oliver, April Gordon, Laquanda Henderson, Charity Patterson, Nisa Lewis, Phelius D. Hill, Tori Sykes, all senior maids; (third row, l to r) Trakevia Miller, sophomore; Raashad Stokes, freshman; Ashley Jackson, freshman; Sabrina Watson, sophomore and Laura Faulkner, junior.
Last Week’s Storms Kept Games on Hold ’til Last Minute

As I spent most of Wednesday evening switching channels between The Weather Channel and CNN to see what Ivan was up to out in the Gulf, it got to almost be a sport watching the reporters both networks had "on site" in the Hurricane’s path.

Trying to talk standing in 50 to 70 mile an hour wind and rain will wear you out worse than running a few miles without stopping. I really felt sorry for the female meteorologist who drew ground zero in downtown Mobile. Had to be the rookie.

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She looked about to be completely blown off the fourth story hotel pool deck but then I saw the rope they had around her waist, so then it was just entertaining.

I understand a reporter wanting to be "on the scene" when reporting but some of these people almost pushed it too far.

The main reason I was watching was to see if the plains of Auburn were going to be washed away since I was supposed to be there Saturday. Auburn was almost dead center about 140 miles inland so they got a good shot of wind and rain. But as I write this we still were not sure if they were still going to play.

The storm has moved on through but it will depend on any power outages and other damage. Plus it will matter if they can get all the people they need back in town to run the game.

I did read where ESPN chickened out and decided to do their College Game Day show from somewhere else.

I called the Referee in the game and he didn’t know any more that I did at this point. We both felt sorry for the crew doing the Florida at Tennessee game later that Saturday night because the weather types were saying the storm was supposed to stall out over eastern Tennessee.

I have yet to hear from an e-mail that I sent some of the crew offering the use of my scuba equipment.

Probably won’t hear back now that I think about it. We’re all really good friends who hate wet, rainy games. Especially if it’s cold.

I remember back in the days working Division II college football and how one September it seemed our Gulf was bombarded with hurricane after hurricane and all of the associated rain.

One game down in extreme southern Arkansas was played in a total all-out downpour throughout the entire game and it never slacked off. It was worse than having a dozen wide open fire hoses coming at you from every side continuously.

A play I will never forget is sort of funny in retrospect but it sure as heck wasn’t when it happened in that game. I was running trying to keep up with a ball carrier and the next thing I knew the slop that used to be the playing surface had swallowed my right shoe. I ran on and finished the play without my right shoe because everything white on me was a dark shade of mud brown anyway.

But you better believe "What in the &^%$# am I doing here?" was probably the most pleasant thing that came out of my mouth over the next few minutes as I wrestled with the goo of mud and grass to get the shoe back on. It happened again later on in the game and by then I really didn’t care anymore.

The game was big in the league and had the two top teams in what was supposed to be a real passing shoot-out and was to be carried on one of the alternate ESPN2 channels. Needless to say, it was none of that. I ended up throwing away the socks and pants of my uniform from that game.

It was a good thing there was no lightning in the area because I would have wanted to go on and leave if we had to stop the game for any amount of time and prolong the agony anymore.

In high school and college football the rulebooks have a policy for playing when there’s lightning around. It’s a good rule of thumb for any outdoor activity when a thunderstorm happens to blow up.

If the flash to bang time or the elapsed time from when a flash of lightning is seen to when the thunder is heard is less than 30 seconds, you should stop whatever it is you are doing and seek shelter immediately. And not under a tree either.

Then after the storm has moved on you should wait for at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is seen before resuming the activity. So, there’s your public safety lesson for today.
As I finish up this installment it’s Friday morning, the 17th, and I just found out the LSU @ Auburn game is a go for tomorrow. So once more – on the road again. See you next week.

South Panola’s wide receiver Travis Sanford caught this pass from Karreem Carr last week but he was out of bounds on that play. Sanford is one of the 5A leaders in touchdowns, on offense and defense, this season with seven for 42 points.

By Myra Bean
Sports Editor

BATESVILLE – The No. 1 ranked South Panola Tigers are steady as she goes this season.
They remain atop the Associated Press and the Clarion-Ledger Super 10 polls.

They are averaging 50.5 points per game and are on a 19 game win streak.

The Tigers (4-0) open up district play against long time nemesis Horn Lake Eagles (1-2).

Tiger head coach Ricky Woods and team started off the season with only five returning starters, two on defense and three on offense.

With the inexperience going into the season, Woods was not sure what to expect.

"We’re getting better," he said. "We are happy with their progress. We need to keep getting better. They are doing what they need to do to get where we need to be."

The main season is upon the teams in 5A throughout the state. Regions 2A, 3A and 4A began their "little season" (district) last week.

"This is when the season actually starts," Woods said.

The 5A teams have performed in a variety of ways. Two are in the Clarion-Ledger top 10, South Panola and undefeated West Point. West Point to date has not allowed a touchdown this season.

Those two teams in addition to undefeated Olive Branch are in the Associated Press poll. These three teams are the only undefeated teams left in 1-5A.

West Point has only allowed three points this season. Olive Branch has only allowed 11, while South Panola has allowed 37.

Starkville (2-1) and Southaven (2-2) dropped completely out of the AP poll this week.

The other teams in 1-5A include Tupelo and Columbus, both at 2-2 and Horn Lake at 1-2.

South Panola will crown its homecoming queen in halftime festivities. The band will perform postgame.

The ticket booth opens at 6 p.m. Tickets are $5 general admission and $8 reserved.

By Myra Bean
Sports Editor

SARDIS – Coming off a big district win, the North Panola Cougars (1-3 overall, 1-0 district) are looking to build on the victory and win another one.

The Cougars are in town tonight to host Independence in a two-game home stand. The Cougars will have their homecoming game next week against Rosa Fort.

The last two years, North Panola has been inching up on a win over Independence, but the Wildcats have somehow managed to elude the Cougars.

In 2002 Independence had outscored opponents 149-21 in three games before meeting a much improved Cougar team. The Cougars held them to 14 points in the Wildcats’ shutout.

In 2003, the Cougars lost 12-7 and Independence finished the season 8-3 and lost in the playoffs.

So far this season, Independence (2-2 overall, 0-1 district) has been inconsistent in its play. They lost to Coldwater in the season opener 12-6 and last week to district power team Senatobia 46-19. Both wins this season are by one point each: over Holly Springs 33-32 and Memphis Overton 35-34.

The Cougars did not have a statistician at last week’s game. Therefore, the statistics for the game are incomplete.

Scoring for the Cougars were Tecory Walton, two touchdowns, one for 98 yards. He had 130 yards rushing. Larry Burdette had 105 yards rushing. Perry Trammell had over 300 yards passing.

Dexter Thomas scored twice on two pass receptions, 45 and 35 yards. Thomas had 150 receiving yards.

Roderick Jefferson also had one reception for a touchdown.

Travis Howard had one reception for 70 yards.

A.J. Johnson kicked two extra points and the team also had a 2-point conversion.

North Panola has scored 53 points this season and allowed 119.

Cougar head coach Demetrius Hill is expecting another big game from the Cougars.

"We match up very well with this team," Hill said. "Independence is pretty sound. We just need to go out and play well as a group again."

Hill expects Independence to spread out and play the Wing T offense.

"We just have to stay at home with our defense. We can’t let the other team get behind us," Hill said.

Kickoff for the game is 7 p.m.

By Myra Bean
Sports Editor

BATESVILLE – The North Delta Green Wave will ride into homecoming themed ‘Seaside Serenade’ with a 5-0 overall, 2-0 district record.

The Green Wave had an impressive 35-21 win over rival Magnolia Heights last week.

Winston Academy was on the Green Wave schedule in 2000 and 2001 and North Delta won both those contests 47-42 and 31-9, respectively. Winston was also state champ during that time.

The two teams took a break from each other the last two years and will renew their acquaintance tonight.

Winston ended last season 4-6 and is struggling this year.

Winston won its season opener against 1A Sylva Bay, but has lost the last four games.

Losses occurred to 3A Starkville Academy and last week to 3A Heritage Academy. District losses for Winston came at the hands of Simpson Academy and East Rankin.

North Delta is looking better as a unit than it has in two years. The Green Wave are led by junior quarterback Forrest Wilbanks and a host of seniors who are making an impact in 2A, including Harrison Nickle, Hunter Coy, Hal West, Brandon Ciaramitaro, Scott Ross, Coy Bland and Cody Hallmark.

Throughout the week, the school has been using Hawaiian dress to celebrate the theme with leis and hula skirts and other such symbols of the islands.

Homecoming queen will be crowned at halftime.

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.