Sports / Outdoors – 8/12/2003

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Panolian Sports Headlines: August 12, 2003

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NP/SP Talk Has Begun

It’s been fun talking to the high school football players during fall season.

They are all pumped up and ready for football to get started, just like the fans are.

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They have been working out in the weightroom all summer and some have even been allowed to don shoulder pads to knock each other around.

The first few days the teams are only allowed shorts and helmets. Then they can put on the pads.

What’s funny is that North Panola and South Panola players are already talking about the BIG game.

Even though all of the games for both teams are big games, there is nothing like an inner-county rival game. That’s the BIG game referred to here.

Unfortunately, for South Panola they have to tangle up with Clarksdale to kick the season off Aug. 28.

Well, the matchup with South Panola is North Panola’s first game of the season. So, therefore, the Cougars can set their sights on the Tigers and that is what they have done.
There’s some smack talk going on but it gives both teams a goal to meet.

I told them I was going to be standing in one of the endzones. There are some games that just try a person’s non-biasness.

With any other game, I can stand on the sideline with the local team and not worry about anything.

If I stand on either one of these team’s sidelines, I will be accused of liking one team over another.

I guess I could just stay at home and listen to Bob Norris on the radio. That would solve one problem. Then I would probably miss one of the most emotional games of the season.

Well, just like everybody else, I’ll be at the game in person. I know I have a few more weeks of hearing each team brag about who’s the best.

It wouldn’t be much of a game if one team came to play and the other team just let them have the game.

I want to see a good matchup.

See you on sidelines.

Coach of the Year

The new home side of the South Panola stadium is coming along. The Tigers open the season at home in 16 days on Aug. 28. These steps in the forefront lead from the Batesville Jr. High parking lot to the the stadium. On the left are 10 parking spaces for the handicapped. The bridge leads to the new ticket booth. To the far right, the second concession stand/restroom combination is being built.

There are only 16 more days counting today before the South Panola Tigers kick off the 2003 football season against Clarksdale in Tiger Stadium.

As well known, a new home side is in the process of being erected. Workers are busy shoring up the seats of the stadium.

Another group is working to finish the concession stands and restrooms. The South Panola maintenance staff is also on hand helping to build the railings on the stadium and to help clean up.

Some questions remain regarding whether the work will be finished and the site inspected by the first game of the season.

South Panola superintendent Dr. C. L. Stevenson was unavailable for comment before press time.

Some season tickets are still available for purchase, but are going fast.

Season tickets are $50 this year for seven home games. Tickets may be purchased at the school office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays.