Headlines – 12/31/2002

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Panolian – December 31, 2002

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Boom! Fireworks sales now going here
Don Harrison, operator of the TNT Superstore, stocked up his display tables in preparation for the New Year’s Eve fireworks rush.

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Fireworks retailers have exploded onto the scene in Panola County for traditional New Year celebrations.  Don Harrison of the TNT Superstore said business has just started to pick up for fireworks there.

According to Panola County Chancery Clerk Sally Fisher, there is no ordinance prohibiting the sale and use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of the county. "The county has nothing on the books, but I think some of the municipalities may," she said.

According to an ordinance passed in 1979 by the Batesville Board of Aldermen, two prior ordinances prohibiting the sale and explosion of fireworks within the city limits were repealed. The new ordinance became effective on Dec. 6, 1979.

"From and after the effective date of this ordinance, all sales, possession, display, storage and explosion of fireworks as defined by applicable state and federal law shall be subject to and governed by applicable state and federal laws within the corporate limits of the City of Batesville …," the ordinance says.

State laws designate the dates fireworks can be sold, types of fireworks that can be sold, and explains minimum distances for allowed shooting of fireworks near churches, hospitals and schools.

The City of Sardis allows the sale of fireworks designated as Class C Common fireworks by the Interstate Commerce Commission, but sets strict guidelines for their sale or use in city limits. Fireworks can only be sold between June 15 and July 5 and Dec. 5 and Jan. 2 each year. The fireworks cannot be sold to any person under the age of 12. The ordinance also prohibits the explosion of fireworks within 600 feet of any church, hospital or school and within 75 feet of a location where fireworks are sold or stored.

The 12 Days of Christmas… almost !!!!
It wasn’t exactly The 12 Days of Christmas – but sometimes it sure as heck seemed like it.

Especially for one who is "set" in her ways and has mastered the art of contented solitude.

As I mentioned, our family was going to get together this past weekend to celebrate Christmas. It was the first time the annual event was at my home now that I live close enough to everyone to serve as a convenient rendezvous point.

With a brand, spanking new house I was looking forward to my family seeing it.

Needless to say, with three little girls there, my house was christened.

First, Rachel, 6, spilled a cup of chocolate milk.

Second, Cassie, 9, who was in a sleeping bag in the great room, threw up during the night.

Of course, Kate, the 4-year-old, was perfect. She takes after her great aunt I guess.

Not exactly! But you knew that.

And, my niece Cindy nearly broke a couple of toes when she banged the door facing trying to get the youngster to the bathroom.

Obviously, my next "visitor" will be the carpet cleaner.

Then there was the stopped up toilet. Luckily it didn’t overflow.

And, I almost forgot. My sister-in-law Eunice is a candidate for the "good hands" award. She caught a lamp just as it came flying off an end table.

And, there was a "lost Suburban keys" problem that involves much too much detail … so, I’ll spare you that.

… But, all in all, things went well. We enjoyed each other and had a good time.

My mother, who is in a nursing home in Marion, Ark., was able to spend the day with us and she tolerated everything quite well.

There was a slight problem when the phone would ring. We’d all just stare at one little table. That’ where four cell phones, a Global Positioning System gizmo that belongs to my nephew’s wife Angela and an alarming Palm Pilot were living momentarily.

So, you can bet as they drove out of sight, I gave them a big wave … and held on tightly to my car keys and cell phone!

Then it was time … for a long winter’s nap!

Sardis Soon to Get New City Shop
(l to r) Earl Watson, Billy Smith and Mayor Richard Darby took a look around the property on Hwy. 315 that will soon be home to the new city shop.

Shortly after the first of the year, Sardis will have a new city shop for its employees.

"The current building is substandard," Mayor Richard Darby said.

Sardis’ present city shop is the city’s first National Guard Armory.

"We have been long overdue for a new city shop," Darby said. "The shop we have now was built in the 1950s and was given to the city when the National Guard built their current facility in the 1960s."

Darby said with the large amount of machinery kept by the city at the shop, there was a real need for a new facility.

The city shop serves as headquarters for the Street Department, garbage pick up, Water and Sewer Departments and as storage for water meters, chainsaws and mowers.

SPSD Growth’s Land Buy Rationale

Chalk up a land purchase to the need for future expansion.

That’s what representatives of the South Panola School District said of their possible 20.5-acre acquisition north of South Panola High School.

"The school was land locked," School District Attorney Colmon Mitchell said. "They could not go south, east or west, so they need this parcel of land."

Mitchell said the school’s increasing enrollment has triggered possible future expansion of the school.

"With the way the school continues to grow, they will really need the property if they have any intentions of handling the increasing needs of the school district," he said. "This is the logical step they need to take if they expect to expand their facilities in the coming years."

Candidates file starting Jan. 2
Residents of Panola County wishing to seek office in the 2003 election can qualify between Jan. 2, 2003 and Feb. 28, 2003. Potential candidates can pick up a statement of intent at the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Bynum, Courtland VFDs Get Grants

There will be no $574,525 loan from the City of Batesville to Tri-Lakes Medical Center – at least not now.

New firefighter turnout gear and equipment are in store for the Courtland and Bynum Volunteer Fire Departments now that federal grant applications have been approved.

Bynum will receive $44,476 and Courtland will get $25,750, according to news releases.

Bynum Chief Tony Ragon said the money will provide for 20-25 sets of turnout gear which include coats, pants, hats and boots.

Also, each firefighter will be outfitted with a special alarm that sounds should one of them "go down" in a fire, the chief said.

There will also be new radios for firefighters and trucks as well as new hose, he said.

"We’ve been scraping by," Ragon said of the department’s lack of equipment.