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Submitted By: randySubmitted: 1/5/2015
#justiceforjessica #jessicachambers THAT'S ALL

Submitted By: B. J. CaldwellSubmitted: 11/3/2014
South Panola School District administrators have a zero tolerance policy that makes little sense much less common sense in dealing with young students, particularly black students. Who believes a 12 year old black female who writes a note on the school bathroom wall about a bomb has any capacity to carry out a threat? So the decision to suspend this young girl for a year is about the "so called" threat? What was the harm? Did they evacuate the school, call the fire and police dept? Wouldn't the punishment be more appropriate to charge the parents for all the costs and/or establish a punishment for the 12 year old to donate her free time for the next year in doing volunteer work for the school or the city in a capacity that shows her how important their services are and to not to cause abuse of those services? No one gains from a year long suspension of this 12 year old girl since the school district has no educational policy or resources for children suspended from public school like o

Submitted By: JAMES JONESSubmitted: 11/3/2014
Zero tolerance has left school administrators with zero common sense when it comes to dealing with African American students. My twelve year old niece a student in South Panola School District was suspended for an entire year for writing on the school bathroom wall something to the effect of a bomb in school. This student does not have the ability to purchase a happy meal. I wonder if the Administrator consider that in the decision to suspend this poor kid for a whole school year. Suspending such a young child for a year will never have a positive outcome. If you are going to suspend a young child for such long period you should have an alternative option for this or any child.

Submitted By: Keith ChapmanSubmitted: 10/31/2014

Submitted By: DogloverSubmitted: 10/4/2014
What is the point when folks persistently remove the things that matter most in your life. I never had the priviledge of having children. I helped other peoples children having emotional problems, My puppies are my babies and I love them as much as any of you love your babies. They want me to get rid of them. Thoses folks are in my home an hour or 15 minutes twice a week.. I am here 24/7. Now I'll be here alone. I never see anyone. I can't leave home as I am in to much physical pain. You know I have decided life is really thr pits.

Submitted By: Gerald RippeeSubmitted: 11/20/2013
There are people complaining that a convicted felon donated $3,000 to Sardis to buy bullet proof vests for the Sardis Police Department. No one complained when he paid to bury an inmate at the jail, or when he donated a house to a church pastor and his family, or when he paid for cancer treatment for a resident of Como. How about when he donated thousands of dollars to the Humane Society? Was that a bad thing? If you are upset that he gave to save our police officers lives, shame on you!! Get off your butts and give yourself.

Submitted By: Jerry SanfordSubmitted: 10/3/2013
The South Panola High School Class of 1981 is announcing the anniversary of their 32nd Class Reunion. All classmates are encouraged to attend by contacting the Planning Committee at (972) 818-0088 or via e-mail at SPHSCLASS1981@YAHOO.COM. Be sure to provide name, address, phone number and best time to call. The reunion is set for Sat., Nov. 30, 2013 and all participants are asked to RSVP by Oct. 31, 2013. Fees are $50 per person. Thank you for your cooperation.

Submitted By: pamelaSubmitted: 9/27/2013
Where is todays online paper.We have seen tuesday paper,I pay for 2 days not 1.Thank u

Submitted By: CMSgt. Wm HortonSubmitted: 9/24/2013
i can not believe the city of Batesville sprays POISON/roundup in our needs to look up roundup and see how Dangerous it is to us, our pets and our gardens.........our~~ LIVES~~. Respectfully, CMSgt. Wm. Horton.....retired Air Force

Submitted By: Farnkie McGeheeSubmitted: 9/12/2013
The city of Sardis lost a great leadership that is Mis Betty Short

Submitted By: MikeSubmitted: 9/9/2013
I noticed the completion date for the I-55 cloverleaf changes is July of 2014. I see them working there about 1 day a week. At that rate of progress they will surely will be able to stretch a maximum of 3 weeks of work out to 9 months. Why not write an article explaining why the work is being done at a snails pace?

Submitted By: Edward FrazerSubmitted: 7/28/2013
I'm very disappointed in the Panola County Humane Society. My wife found four tiny puppies discarded on the side of a Panola County Road. I called the Panola County Humane Society's phone number Friday afternoon. I was connected to their recording telling me they can not accept animals. So what do they do if they don't accept animals? We thank the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society for having a big heart and taking them in!

Submitted By: LauraSubmitted: 7/16/2013
Mr. Jones I must contradict your comment. As of 6/28/2013 the following took place -Attention: Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd blocked Mississippi's open-carry gun law from taking effect 7/1/13.. In a Friday 6/28/13 ruling the Judge stated that the law was vague and that an injunction was needed to prevent irreparable harm. So until this injunction is lifted Open Carry is not legal In Mississippi.

Submitted By: James JonesSubmitted: 6/24/2013
Just when I thought Mississippi was advancing to a modern state they past legislation that will set the state back 150 years. The opened no permit required carry weapon law effective July 1, 2013 is just plain crazy. When they see gang bangers, KKK and thugs walking around strapped I think they will change their mind. How will law enforcement or business owners know if a person carrying is a convicted felon?

Submitted By: Disabled CitizenSubmitted: 6/14/2013
Please everyone, if you don't have a Will make one before something happens and get several copies for safe keeping. After my dad passed away my brother stole everything because my dad's Will was in a safe deposit box. The brother took the will and destroyed it. There are more siblings who are disabled as well and this sorry, thieving brother won't give any of us our part. He is telling everyone there isn't a Will when we have seen it and know he did have one. Now I have to hire an attorney because of this. And to the greedy brother who apparently does Not believe in God, you'd better head God's word; "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19 As you've already seen, your cohort is getting hers.

Submitted By: Molly's MomSubmitted: 5/16/2013
In keeping up with Sheila Pounders's articles about her suspected theft of her trees, I think she owes the public an apology. She automatically thought it was "someone" instead of "something". Do the right thing Sheila!

Submitted By: SamSubmitted: 5/15/2013
I believe as media you have the responsibility to report on citizens in your city who have conned taxpayers. One such person is Jamie Smith of SCG International whose parents live in Batesville. There is a judgement against Jamie Smith for 9.5 million dollars and he has fled the country for fear of law enforcement and arrest. The community needs to be warned of such conmen.

Submitted By: xyz123Submitted: 5/13/2013
We were at a fish fry the other nite at shady grove and the cook tommy tutor did a great job. According to tommy he also caught all the fish. He fish and hunt everyday and got 2 kids. He also work for a construction company and he also work for himself at times. You the man if you can do all of that and maintain a household. You should be voted MAN OF THE YEAR. Keep up the good work because we need more men like you.

Submitted By: monkSubmitted: 3/19/2013
R u Kidding me? If it were difiicult to purchase weapons then criminals would not be so heavily armed now would they? And anything that is used by another with the intent to harm should be considered an assault weapon right? I can assault someone with a stick or bat or lawn furniture. I just may have more success if I use an automatic weapon that I bought out of the trunk of my friendly neighborhood arms dealer, no questions asked!

Submitted By: concern citizienSubmitted: 3/15/2013
please answer this for me anyone. How can someone buy an assault rifle and not have it registar. someone on baird rd bought one and its not registar and he has a drug record and a police complaint. So how can someone that has a backgroud likethat get an assault rifle. JUst wondering.

Submitted By: concerned citizenSubmitted: 2/25/2013
The "golf master" is at it again. He is now working in oxford with his relatives Puttman painting. He is working for cash while drawing disabilityand other goverment handouts. Thanks to the current president and lying to the goverment I gusess you can get what ever you want.

Submitted By: Jamie Smith (Peggy Tutor's Son)Submitted: 2/16/2013
I want to thank all the support the community of Batesville and surrounding areas are providing my mother Peggy Tutor while she battles her sickness. She tells me often that she misses all her friends and wishes she could talk to you daily. The encouragement and prayers by all of you as well as her family is what motivates her to tough through the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. She is doing as well as expected with some days being easier than others. If you haven’t already heard and you use Facebook there is a page @ Peggy Tutor Cancer Benefit where you can leave encouragement and prayers. May God Bless you all.

Submitted By: roseSubmitted: 1/28/2013
My family and friends in Mississippi please be very cautious about who you allow to repair your homes inside and outside. We have so call sales people just trying to enter your homes and there is not a business any place. I also read a comment given by James Jones about you voting and needing an ID he is correct you should be proud to carry an ID. I have worked the polls since 1968 and to help others so that they can idenifty themselves make me very proud when they show that they are stable citizens. Please read and listen to these comments they are very helpful.

Submitted By: unknownSubmitted: 1/28/2013
Why don't you country people leave other people alone about what they are receiving. If you mine your business maybe you will not be disable but as long as you are concerned about other people, and really not yourselves you will always be in bad health and in need. Why don't you stop fools, and pray you are the reason other people can't make it and the other people take all from you.

Submitted By: freeeloadersSubmitted: 1/14/2013
Being on disability is really busy work just ask the "golf master" lol. When you fish, hunt for deer and rabbits all the time. Oh and work for cash under the table and play golf its hard to find time to do anything else. I wonder how my back would feel if i did all of that. Even though the golf master is on disability for his back ,you know he never complain about his back hurting at all. Just saying..........

Submitted By: Sharon A. PollardSubmitted: 12/31/2012
I would like to say "thank you" to Pastor McMullen for allowing me to utilizing his bookstore for my book signing to promote my book. Please check out this bookstore. It has so many great books and supplies for your church or your spiritual growth with exceptional reading material. I would also like to send out a "thank you" to a special friend, Mrs. Debra Poole for helping me find a facility to use for this special event. Also, I would like to thank all my hometown friends and family members that came by to purchase a book or just stopped by for refreshments and a supportive conversation. It is always good to come back home and see how large the town has grown and the smiles of friends and family that I haven't seen in years! A graduate of SPHS, I will always keep my hometown(Batesville, MS) in my prayers for growth and prosperity. Keep it up Batesville, MS Sincerely, Sharon A. Pollard

Submitted By: what humane societySubmitted: 11/30/2012
We live at the end of a dead end road.People that don't want there pets drop them off and of course they find there way to our house.Just recently a dog was dropped off and it came to our house. It looked to be starving. You could see it's ribs and it was eat up with ticks and flees. We tried to call the PCHS with no success. They don't answer the phone number listed . After calling and leaving a number of messages with no returned calls,i contacted the PCSO. there animal control officer was nice enough to help us find a good home for the dog after we doctored him up and got all the flees and ticks off him.I just think that a fed funded department should do there job or be replaced with someone that will. Is it not the Humane society's job to look after abused animals? Is that not what the money they get from the government for? Well in Panola county i guess it's not. I think we need to look into that agency and see where the money is going cause it is sure not going to help animals th

Submitted By: Unable to workSubmitted: 11/30/2012
I am 59 years old and i do draw disability.I worked my whole life until i had back surgery and open heart surgery. Now i can't work. I know people that are able to work as a matter of fact the man and lady both work and still draw 500.00 a month in food stamps. The lady lied and told the food stamp office that her and her husband were separated in order to draw them.What is so sad is that she goes to the area churches and gets cash money for her and her children and tells them the same thing.The children's Christmas was give to her by a local church. Where is peoples pride nowadays. They Lie to the government and worst they lie to the churches. Karma needs to get people like that.In my time we worked for what we had and were proud of it. I guess that people don't believe in those standards any more.In closing let me say People let's get some pride back in america.

Submitted By: MooreSubmitted: 11/4/2012
Please put a sample ballot in the next Panolian!! I want to be prepared!!!

Submitted By: freeeloadersSubmitted: 10/31/2012
What kind of character does a man have when he lies to get on disablity. When he worked the whole time he was trying to get on it. He lied about how much money he had and tryied to hike the money so the government couldnt find it. He still working and still getting disabilty and foodstamps. And the church he goes to help him by giving him work to do and paying him cash on the side. We wonder why or government is going broke. Well when we have people like him stealing from the tax payers no wonder yours and mine taxes keep going up. And I guess the people in the church dont care about stealing either.

Submitted By: lbSubmitted: 10/29/2012
my recommedations goes to only one part of this company and it is locate where ______ gas company use to be. they refuse to serve me with gas at my camper and i paid them 300 dollars in advance to have gas for the winter because neither my husband noor i am able to deal with getting thirty lps bottle fill every time we need gas and they where to se up a tank for me here and after they came out we still did not have our wheels off the camper yet and had started underpening around the trailer all the way they said that i lied to them and now i am concider a treat to their company because of this and we did go a head and take the tires off that very day and the next day the manger there told me he was not going to set me up a tank because i lied to him and he felt that i would be a treat to him andd his company sand point blank told me to go some wher else to get my gas because he was not going to service me with gas period. now i am sitting here with no heat except a small electric heate

Submitted By: Keith ChapmanSubmitted: 10/12/2012
Just want to say congrats to my cousin Tony Connor. I'm proud of you, and keep working hard in everything you do.

Submitted By: floSubmitted: 9/18/2012
I can not get my own lin e news

Submitted By: kaySubmitted: 9/4/2012
i pay for the panola paper and ever time that i want to get on line if want let me whats up with that come on get with it people

Submitted By: John Q. CitizenSubmitted: 9/4/2012

This legislative day the Panola Partnership is hosting sure seems a waste of tax payer money. I sure would like to not take a day off and still get paid to eat a FREE lunch, shoot skeet FREE, and eat a FREE dinner at the country club. If the partnership is paying for this all then there goes the tax money we all pay to the city and county that they in turn GIVE to the partnership every year. So I could be wrong but the partnership should publish an article explaining were the funds come from to put on this event for the politicians that are telling tax payers that we all need to tighten our belt in these tough times."click this link below about our partnership and chamber of commerces throught the state and you will find some intersting information though, i doubt it will be allowed to be on the comments" God bless our teachers,soldiers, and children


Submitted By: Plymouth, MASubmitted: 8/22/2012

Wednesday 0800 CST (8/22/12) and only a couple of articles have been posted with 8/21/12 dates. When is the requirement for the Panolian to post articles online? This website has been operating at least since 2009 so in my opinion articles should be posted the same morning as they are sold in print.

Online subscribers should have received e-editions late in the evening 8/20/12

Submitted By: frustratedSubmitted: 8/18/2012

Why is the website now just open to subscribers? You put news on there that has not made the print version yet, however, only subsribers can view it. In the past, there was a lot of dicourse in the comments, who knows? I can't view it.

Well frustrated, we tried to contact you, but you gave an incorrect email address which is one of the requirements of posting. If you had given us a correct email address you would have received this:

Sorry, we are just trying to pay the bills. It makes it difficult to sell
the cow to those to whom you are giving milk.
I hope you understand.
Thanks for reading.

Submitted By: Submitted: 8/14/2012
SMEPA won the bid for the Batesville Generating Facility

Submitted By: concerned citizenSubmitted: 8/12/2012
If a pastor from a local church (SG) knows that one of his members is working for cash and drawing disablity and foodstamps. Should that pastor try to make that right and either tell that member to stop or let it go. Maybe he thinks stealing from the goverment is ok too.

Submitted By: CASubmitted: 8/7/2012
If the Panolian is going to continue procrastinating with their website on news days as it has in the past, then readers may be reticent to pay a subscription, including me.

Submitted By: Submitted: 8/1/2012
All of the forums I read list the latest first. Why have to scroll all the way to the bottom?

Submitted By: freeeloaderSubmitted: 7/28/2012
now we have another company thats hiring people thats on disability. A painting company east of batesville thats paying a person to work for cash. Way to go .

Submitted By: Gun ShowSubmitted: 7/28/2012
This weekend July 28 and 29 there will be a new vendor at the gun and knife show selling infant and toddler mossy oak camouflage clothing. If they don't have what you want... you can order on the spot with just $5 for shipping. Be sure to come by the Batesville civic center and check them out!

Submitted By: freeeloadersSubmitted: 7/17/2012
We found out a month ago that a certain realitor in town is paying people that drawing disability cash to work for them. Maybe if we turn them in with the supposedly disable people they are paying i wonder if they would get fined or loose their licences. Just a thought.

Submitted By: Captain AmericaSubmitted: 7/11/2012
Why do some of the news articles not have an option to comment but others do? Are these articles that the Panolian doesn't want people to comment on?

Submitted By: concerned citizenSubmitted: 6/26/2012
AMEN tired of it. When you find out where to sign up let me know. I know several people that lied to get on disibility or foodstamps. People work the entire time they were tring to get on disibility. What the SSi should do if they catch these people should make them pay every dime back to the tax payers and file criminal charger for fraud. Maybe people will think about it before they misrepresent themselves. They should convit the employer that hire these people and pay them cash. But who is going to turn these people in. start looking at your paycheck and look at the taxes they taking out of your check. When enough people get tired of keeping these people up and paying for them and their doctor bills and their food and everything else they do then maybe something will be done.

Submitted By: tired of itSubmitted: 6/22/2012
It must be nice to be able to draw disability and food stamps and go out of town and work for cash. What a life. Where can I sign up to get a check and food stamps and still be able to work.

Submitted By: concerned citizenSubmitted: 6/19/2012
To lady in the window.Get a[life]and stay out of panola co people's lifes too.

Submitted By: Ayuda2Submitted: 6/17/2012
Awww. Lil doug, thats too bad and sooooo sad. I hope the rest of panola co doesn't feel like you do. I read somewhere that people perish for lack of knowledge. We get knowledge from older or more experienced people(ie. Lady in window) and reading also helps us gain knowledge. So how bout it panola residents, do we want to put people and programs in place that help us increase in knowledge?

Submitted By: lil dougSubmitted: 6/15/2012
Know one care about ur reading bus.i sure am not.Know one in panola dose either.we all hope that u dont get anying funding good luck.

Submitted By: tired of itSubmitted: 6/14/2012
There are 5 million people waiting to get on disability. I can understand why. I know several people thats on disability and there is nothing wrong with them. They work whenever they want too. Some have grass cutting business that get paid cash. They fish and hunt whenever they want. Actually some have it better then the people thats tring to be honest and work for a living. I know that their are alot of people that need to be on assistance. But when you ly to get on disibilty just because you are to lazy to work then thats is fraud. Look at it this way. If we knew just an 100 people that get a check for a $1000 that wasnt truthful about it. And if we really got tired of supporting these people. We would save the tax payers 1.2 millions dollars a year. And mississippi have 82 counties, just think of the money we could save the taxpayers. Thats all im saying.

Submitted By: Ayuda2Submitted: 6/14/2012
To lil doug, next time you see the woman in the window, say hi and ask her how she's doing. I don't know if you are an adult or child, but i sure want you to visit my reading bus, when the people of panola county gives me one. I plan to go around panola county as a traveling library/community resource center. How bout it panola county? Who do i talk to about getting funding for this venture? Or does panola co already have one?

Submitted By: little dougSubmitted: 6/12/2012

Submitted By: Molly's MomSubmitted: 6/11/2012
To James Jones: I too am proud of your 91 year old mother. "ALL" people should stop the griping and complaining. If you sit on your bottom end and "DO" nothing you should "GET" nothing. I think that I may be somewhat of the same age category as Mr. Jones so our generation worked hard to get where we all are and these younger folks need to wake up - get a work ethic and make contributions to society and more importantly to themselves. A little hard work and sweat never hurt anyone that I know. A photo ID makes people think you care about who you are and not afraid to show anyone.

Submitted By: James JonesSubmitted: 6/7/2012
I would like to present this question to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Black elected Officials of the state of Mississippi. What harm is done for requiring voters to have a photo ID? You can not get on an airplane without showing a photo ID or in some states buy a bottle of gin or cash a check. If you are admitting that black seniors are not capable of obtaining a photo ID then please say so. Yes Mississippi has a long history of denying blacks citizen the right to vote but that is in the past. A few weeks ago I took my 91 year old Mother to Batesville Security Bank to have a document notarized. The lady asks for my mother’s drivers’ license. My mother said that she never had a drivers but she had a state issued photo ID. I was so proud of her. There are no logical reasons for a person in this modern time not to have a photo ID. To the NAACP and Black Officials in Mississippi it time for you to stop making excuses for black people an

Submitted By: A FED UP CITIZENSubmitted: 6/6/2012

Submitted By: a fed up citizenSubmitted: 6/5/2012


 Web Master's note: We will be happy to give you a refund. Oops! I failed to find your name on the subscription list. I'm so sorry. But you are welcome to go by the Batesville Public Library or the Chancery Clerk's Office in the Courthouse and look in the bound volumes of newspapers from the years 1999 to 2000 and find the names for yourself. You may also want to try the State Department of Archives and History. They may be able to help you.

Submitted By: James JonesSubmitted: 4/14/2012
Senior citizens beaware of door to door sales person offering a free alarm system operating in West Batesville. The system is not free. They do not let you know up front that it will cost you $39.99 per month for sixty months for monitoring. The system you receive could be purchased for less than $100 and have it monitored for about $10. per month. Do not allow any door to door sales rep into your home.

Submitted By: outragedSubmitted: 4/6/2012
My first question is why has there been nothing posted in this section since 2009? My second question is "What in the world is this county coming to?" Why in the world would Panola County Officials allow the funeral services for two known GANG MEMBERS killed in a GANG RELATED shooting to be held in our SCHOOL??????!!!!!!!!!!!! They won't allow PRAYER or the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE to be conducted there, but funerals for GANGSTERS are OK???????!!!!!! I'm just can't believe this......I amazes me every time I hear.......What has happened to our young people? This one particular thing pretty well sums it up!!!!!

Submitted By: Concern CitizenSubmitted: 3/22/2012
Why haven't anything been put in the paper about Michael Faulkner who has been missing since Monday, March 19, 2012? I think this need to be addressed so that his family can have closure as well as the community that loves him.

Submitted By: JoSubmitted: 3/12/2012
The March 9, 2012 Panolian article about ATV riding at Enid Lake failed to mention that alcohol and riding ATV's do not mix. It is no secret that many of the riders take coolers full of beer to the lake while riding. If it is against the law to operate an automobile or boat while drinking alcohol, then it should be with an ATV. It is also a motorized vehicle.

Submitted By: Kelly LipscombSubmitted: 2/26/2012
Not that it matters, but since I know that you are a reputable paper and strive for excellence and correctness, I felt it was important to let you know that ND did not beat MHS as reported. ND has only played MHS one time and the waves lost 6-0. They didn't play each other in the Marshall tournament. I think you may have mistaken them for MHEA, which is Memphis Home School Education Association. Thank you for correcting your error and not tarnishing our perfect record....SO FAR!!! :)

Submitted By: JohnQCitizenSubmitted: 2/3/2012
I understand the Mayor's frustration from his cars that were vandelized on HIS car lot. I wonder why there is a police cruiser parked on HIS car lot as if to deter vandals from another round of destruction of PRIVATE property. This is a load of BULL and a poke in the eye to property owners. Just because HE is the mayor it gives hime a right to have a police car parked on HIS lot? Fair is fair, so my question is is it going to be a new city policy that when some ones property is damaged the police will furnish a car for use as a deterant for future crimes? This mayor and board needs to think about the things they do and say that will have effects on who will be re-elected.God bless our kids, teachers, soldiers, and parents.

Submitted By: Daly AlyseSubmitted: 1/18/2012
Congratulations to the triLakes employees and managers and local physicians who earned the 2011 press Ganey award for a top improved hospital. The story does nor reflect the time period of improvement which was the 2010 and half of the 2011 year. This story is one of an amazing turnaround lead by local staff and local physicians. We have a better hospital now than during the period of time where bad doctors and Shoemaker ran things. Personally, I am greatful for the new and improved emergency room!

Submitted By: A TAX PAYING CITIZENmSubmitted: 1/17/2012

Submitted By: quindariusSubmitted: 1/9/2012
i was wondering whats up with all the stop sighs and speeding bumps that not cause for not only i have a cousin that stay on van voris st and theres a stop sigh like on the side of her drive way and theres one on kyle road that gonna cause a collissions the way they have them

Submitted By: BigbubbabufordSubmitted: 12/19/2011
I don't if everyone realizes this but our country is in free fall... the president has the defense authorization act 2011 that will allow the US military to detain american citizens without charges ,without a trial,with a judge..just because the Govt views U as a threat...Both our republican senators and our representives for this area voted for it... For the info.. I am a white conservative christian thats cares about our freedom....Christians look out!! They are coming!

Submitted By: BigbubbabufordSubmitted: 12/9/2011
I know U guys cover mostly local news but Do U guys know about the defense authorization bill that was passed by the senate that would allow for an american citizen to be jailed without charges or a trial for indefinite time...Just because they "THE GOVT" says U MAY be a terrorist according to them"THE GOVT".. this is real scary!!. I am not a liberal I am a conservative christian .. people need to wake up!!

Submitted By: JohnQCitizenSubmitted: 12/5/2011
I think the reason Dr Shaffer and other administrators are so are under pressure is simply because if a state take over was to occur, they lose THEIR jobs. It's not the hardworking dedicated teachers they need to get rid of and be so over bearing on the board needs to start from the top and work their way down the pecking order. It's no wonder all the older teachers are retiring as soon as they can. There won't be any experienced teachers left before long they'll all be replaced by liberal yuppies that are straight out of college taught by liberal proffesors. Our kids have enough on them now as it is. It's a money thing and they are acting like Washington DC democrats! Also how many Superintendents and school principals have left SP distirct to pusue other oppurtunities in the last 10 years? Sounds like they are the ones that don't want to do their jobs and are just wanting to sit back and have something handed to them so they can put their name on it when all is well and blame som

Submitted By: Football FanSubmitted: 11/25/2011

There is no coverage of the football team on the online version. Why? I will ask that question prior to indicating my views of what happened.


editor's note: Detailed football information may be found in the online subscription version.

Submitted By: Proud South Panola ParentSubmitted: 11/23/2011
As a parent to two children in the South Panola School District I just want to thank their teachers for their tireless, unwavering dedication to their calling. No one working in public schools is doing it for the money, that's for certain. When I read the comments made by Dr. Shaeffer at the recent school board meeting I was very disappointed. He stated, "Teacher happiness is not a major concern." Wow. Really? I understand that our district as a whole is on the brink of slipping in the overall educational scheme of things and our administration is under an overwhelming amount of pressure. My children have had the luxury of learning from teachers who are masters of their craft--teachers that I would put up against any teacher in the United States. So let's be careful not to demean these because of a the downfalls of a few. Teacher happiness should be a concern of any good superintendent and school board. As a parent, I certainly I want my children's teachers to be happy. Othe

Submitted By: lewieSubmitted: 11/11/2011
I think the picture disappointed is referring to was when Sheriff Otis was sworn into office. It was not the night of the election.

Submitted By: DisappointedSubmitted: 11/11/2011

I was very disappointed when I saw today’s edition of The Panolian. I made a special stop this morning to make sure I got a newspaper, so excited to see which picture was chosen to put on the front page! Would it be a picture of Dennis Darby with his supporters cheering all around him? A picture of him hugging his wife or daughter?? Even a shot of his campaign picture in that suit and red tie…what did I see this morning? A small 1” head shot of Mr. Darby and a HUGE picture of Griffin/Phelps/Crowell supporters standing outside the Courtland precinct holding signs on election day! Now, last year's Nov. 26th edition of the Panolian was quite a different story! It celebrated Griffin's win with a large picture of Mr. Griffin surrounded by his cheering supporters - as it should have. It captured such a celebratory moment. Well, there was a celebration at nearly 5:00 am Wednesday morning when the unofficial count was announced that Darby had narrowly defeated Gr

Submitted By: Submitted: 11/1/2011
How often do you update your photo gallery??

Submitted By: loretta williamsSubmitted: 10/20/2011
I am looking for my car that is in the Batesville area a 2004 silver Impala with lowndes county license plates my name is listed as well as a phone number i am offering a small reward if someone can locate it and tell me where i can find it..hope someone can help me out I will need your name and address, phone number after i find it so that i can contact you about your reward...

Submitted By: Betty BillingsleySubmitted: 10/5/2011
The ongoing battle for the Supervisor's position in District Two should be taken seriously. Obviously there are many things wrong with this particular race. I admire Mr. Pride for standing up and making the election committee and the courts look at this election again. I pray that the most qualified person who is honest and a law abiding U.S. citizen wins this very important position in our county. All areas of our county need to be taken care of and the citizens in that particular district should be glad that Mr. Pride cares enough to continue the fight.

Submitted By: Douglas GehringerSubmitted: 9/12/2011
on the eve of this 10th anniversary of 9/11 I greave more now for our country than ever. The law suite to keep pray from public schools and perhaps even " under god" from the pledge is just wrong. As Im sure many did they gathered in public places across the City, County, State and Nation to pray for those lost and the future to come. We as a Nation were founded as a whole under God...... Even the President recited scripture on this anniversary. We have gone so far as placing a 30ft tall statue on the National (Public) square of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ( A PREACER ). Its time for we as a community/state and nation to get back to what is right and just for all... Thank you, Douglas Gehringer

Submitted By: No respect for familySubmitted: 9/6/2011
I agree with the letter this week about the way the paper handle the wreck with Armondo.This young man was willing to give his life for this country Yet the paper showed no respect for him or his family.I didn't know this young man but I am thankful for him military service.

Submitted By: BGSubmitted: 9/3/2011
To all you people that are claiming Mr. Davis should be ashamed of what he wrote, he was stating facts, which is what a reporter does. I don't see anyone saying after Mr. Armondo's first wreck, that they tried to get him some help, nor did anyone try to stop this UNDER AGE man from drinking and driving. What a sick society we live in, when people are more concerned about a man who was drinking and driving and could have killed someone other than just himself, and are taking all their anger out on a very talented reporter just doing his job.

Submitted By: Kelsey HavensSubmitted: 8/31/2011
I believe the obituary that was printed today on Armondo Reyes was a much better representation of the person he was. I believe that it is important that he be portrayed as the person he really was. As a family member of this sweet person I was very disappointed in the Panolian and Mr. Davis for printing the words that were printed in the story covering the wreck. I understand that some things will be printed as information on his fatal accident but I do not believe that some of the things that were printed should have been written or even allowed to be put into that article. Batesville has lost many young people and even older people to the "possible" wreck that was caused by intoxication but their stories were not printed as such and I do not believe that his should have been either. I was hurt and disappointed in the words that Mr. Billy Davis wrote and I believe there should be a formal apology to his friends and family that were hurt by that article. We are all already in

Submitted By: AngelSubmitted: 8/31/2011
First, I would like to say to all of you that knew Armondo and loved him, the article printed in the August 30, 2011 was a serious slap in the face. The Panolian should be ashamed. It seems that the fact that he served OUR country in Iraq was thrown in as an afterthought! He did more for you in his young life than you ever did for him... Don't you think that he and his family lost enough? Did you really think that the disrespect that showed him was neccessary? I DID NOT!! I know how I was raised, and I know that what was written at such an aweful time would have landed me over my Daddys knee! You should remember that everyone has things happen in their lives for a reason, and what goes around comes around. I hope that what you did to Mondo's family doesn't come back to haunt you! As the old saying goes "God don't like ugly!"

Submitted By: jaySubmitted: 8/31/2011
"No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated." That's what you require of us when we send comments. You slander people and it's OK? Shame on you for your nasty remarks.

Submitted By: brittanySubmitted: 8/30/2011
i am very disappointed in the panolian that you would talk about armondo like that when he just died and his family and friends are grieving. he is a great person. not the person that the panolian described him as pretty much a drunk. that is not him. i mean he faught for our freedom over here and this is how you thank him. i mean really you should be just ashamed of yourself. how would you feel if your childs name was slaughtered over the local paper when they died you would be really upset and be pitching a fit!!! very poor judgement on your parts. fly high armondo you was loved and you are an amazing person no matter what a stupid paper says.

Submitted By: Tiffany MyersSubmitted: 8/30/2011
Loss of a loved one is unfortunately not an uncommon occurance for the younger generation of Batesville. I can't count the number of friends I have lost since 2003. To so disrespectfully print something in the public newspaper where this young mans family and friends will read this on the front page is horrendous. He should be honored and lifted up for being a part of our military. He was a hero Mr. Davis, I for one hope you never feel the pain of loosing a friend, and I sincerely hope the memory isn't tainted by a reporter 'getting a story'. I don't know what your versions of facts are, but 'likely intoxicated when he wrecked' doesn't mean he was. Thank goodness for level headed people like Gracie Gulledge who refused to comment. I think this young man's family deserves an apology. Fly high Mondo. We will all miss you greatly.

Submitted By: Thanks for the memories!Submitted: 8/30/2011
Hey Panolian, Could you please download some of the old photos that you have had in the "Blast from the Past" in the photo gallary? I love the old pictures from around town, from many years ago. One example was the photo of the Pizza Hut from the late 1970's. I was in high school during that time and had forgotten how everything looked around it until you published that photo. Thanks for the memories.

Submitted By: MikeSubmitted: 8/30/2011
Well played Panolian...Nothing on 8-26-11 issue to where folks could comment. It really seems this paper tries real hard to avoid good issues that the public just might like to comment on. Just for the heck of it, if I were Kelly, I think I would flex my muscle now. After buying the paper Friday I could not wait to comment.......only to see NOTHING online. Man what a let down.

Submitted By: Vann BranchSubmitted: 7/21/2011
I am seeking the State Senate seat for district 10 including Tate and Panola county. As I work hard to get my message out and inform voters of my platform, I hear comments and rumors about what I did, what I said, and what somebody said I said. I heard yesterday that I had ended my campaign. Recently, I was confronted and physically threatened over some lies about what I had said concerning Melissa Meeks-Phelps. I met Mrs. Meeks-Phelps about a month ago and was impressed with her attitude and desire to obtain Public Office. After getting to know her and her husband, and seeing her through numerous events, I feel, she is a great young lady and very capable. I have never made a negative comment concerning her. Anything you hear from someone else is a LIE! If you want to discuss any issue with me or want to know how I feel, call me at 662.563.6902. I ask you to not listen to rumors or lies. With this said, I do not offer my personal support to any candidate as I have enough work in

Submitted By: Jonathan EllisSubmitted: 7/12/2011
I don't know the solution, but I really don't like the way our two party political system works. In the up coming primary, if I want to vote for sheriff or my supervisor I have to vote in the democratic primary, but if I want to vote for lieutenant governor I have to vote in the republican primary. Sheriff and supervisors are the most important positions in our county. Liutentant Governor is probably the most powerful position in our state government. I don't like the idea that I have to chose which race I want to vote in. Aside from all that, after the last few years, the idea of placing a vote for any Democrat, even personal friends, makes me want to spit!

Submitted By: readerSubmitted: 6/28/2011
Please check the spelling of the daughter's husband's name on the obit for Sandra Milam. Other words are spelled incorrectly too. What happened to spell check?

Submitted By: MeshelleSubmitted: 5/30/2011
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Reggie Mclaurin on A Simpson Highway 28 West in Pinola?

Submitted By: Otis JonsonSubmitted: 5/25/2011
After reading the column by Charlie Mitchell in the Tuesday May 24 Panolian, I feel obligated to write my own opinion of capitol punishment which will have more than the word good. Being a Christian I believe in capital punishment as the bible says in Exodus 21, verse 24 that says an eye for an eye. It also says in Exodus 21-12 that whoever hits a man and kills him is to be put to death. I am especially upset with our judicial system that can keep a man in prison for 7000 days which is 19 years after he committed such a horrible crime against others and then give him a stay of execution. Something is drastically wrong because he gave no thought to killing a man, raping and killing his wife, then killing his son and daughter after they returned from church Robert Simon and Anthony Carr should have immediately hung by the neck and had their bodies cremated as they were a menace to society. The judges. lawyers and prosecutors should have no mercy on people like that. The defense council i

Submitted By: SarahSubmitted: 5/19/2011
Please let folks know that the right hand, southbound lane of Keating Rd is for a right turn ONLY! There is no sign & only 1 arrow. Please pay attention to which lane you're in & don't go straight unless you're in the ONE lane that goes across Hwy 6.

Submitted By: b.wareSubmitted: 5/19/2011
update needed for photo section. where are the springfest photos

Submitted By: DustinSubmitted: 5/15/2011
If anyone has any info on an explosion heard around the central acadamy, springport road area I'd like to know. Thanks

Submitted By: katie Hudson Submitted: 4/2/2011
our power co.tvepa what choice do we have . i have been a member for forty six years . never been late with payment never bbounced a check . had a shed in my yard printed tee shirts two years ago i quit tvepa had me on commercial rates i ask about getting it changed to residential said it would have to be rezoned i ask where they said court house went there they sent mr to land development they looked it up zoned as agruculture. i did not mind the commercial as long as i was useing it as that goes to show you cant be honest wiyh those people right thanks

Submitted By: BillytSubmitted: 3/18/2011
I've been voting since I turned 21 years old back in the day. I've been trying to keep up the the folks that are running for new positions in the county. I see one that ran for an office a while back and that scoundrel is not an honorable man. He pulled some underhand moves against a person he was running against to try to discredit the man's name. I really don't care for that and I called him on it at a public meeting. He couldn't give a justifiable answer. Shore hope the folks don't vote for him.

Submitted By: SharperSubmitted: 3/16/2011
Oh and I also coincidentally predicted that South Panola would end up number one in the nation.

Submitted By: Molly's MomSubmitted: 3/11/2011
Panolian - how about an update on what happened with the Sardis Police Chief??

Submitted By: VoterSubmitted: 2/25/2011
Maybe I am wrong....? I don't purchase the online edition of the Panolian because I buy one. But did the story "Records show no hiring of deputy" get left out of the online paper to keep folks from making comments? It is in the archived ones, but you can't comment. funny it was a story such as that one...??

Submitted By: Vera AshmoreSubmitted: 2/20/2011
I live on Park St and I Also had a valentine balloon on my mailbox.Thank you.

Submitted By: SharperSubmitted: 2/14/2011
The South Panola football program and its success has been a very influencing factor in my life. I thank the coaches and the entire town for their loyal support to the team.

Submitted By: Holly HollandSubmitted: 2/14/2011
I live on east street in batesville & when I got home last night I noticed that someone had put matching Valentines day balloons on every mailbox in my neighborhood. I just thought that was a really nice thing to do & I thank whoever the kind heart is.

Submitted By: Vicki AldisonSubmitted: 2/10/2011
I just want to know what dummy decided to have school friday. i just left Eureka Road and it is very icy in many places. you couldn't pay me enough to drive a bus and take a chance of wrecking with those children on board. I would not let my child on the bus either. People around here do not drive well enough to be out tomorrow or any day when ice is present.

Submitted By: MikeSubmitted: 1/21/2011
I am sure I missed something. I read over the Panolian that I buy pretty good. I even go back and re-read things on the net. This way I would also get to read the comments at the end of the story (have even made a few). But that is gone now. Or is it that I have to pay for both to get it? My gut tells me that "someone" got ticked about what was being said and somehow got the Panolian to pull that part of their paper. There is still a "Public Comments" part, but try to tie it to a story, good luck. I have made comments that were screened out. That was no big deal but now we as readers have our thoughts put out just about all the way. Makes me think I should not waste my money at all to even buy this paper. I am just about sure this will not get printed, but maybe it will be read by the ones my money does matter to, the owners of The Panolian. Guys I try to support locals, but now you have figured to quiet us down like you don't need or care. And yes I do understand it is your paper, you

Submitted By: JoSubmitted: 1/20/2011
To Janie L. Smith regarding voter ID. I am a bit late commenting on this, but a petition did get circulated about a yr. ago for the people of MS to vote on whether or not they wanted voter ID used in MS. There was overwhelming support for voter ID. It's taken over a yr. to get it on the ballot, but we will have a chance to vote in Nov. 2011, for or against voter ID. Hopefully, we can get it passed.

Submitted By: JonathanSubmitted: 1/20/2011
Does anyone know if the county is going to pick up garbage this week?

Submitted By: RozSubmitted: 1/5/2011
I am calling all Law Enforcement on this one. Not just the county but the city officers also. Why do you SPEED excessively when not on a call? You don't have your lights on but drive down the road BALLING! You constantly go WAY over the speed limit on a normal drive. I witnessed a city officer get tired of waiting behind another car to cross 51 by the school. He turned on his lights, went around the car to cross the Hwy and then turned his lights off after he crossed. WTH! Now that is really an abuse of power. Are you guys really that heavy footed? I challenge you to answer this question with a reasonable answer. I'm looking forward to hearing from my public servants that keep leaving us in the dust...

Submitted By: Submitted: 12/24/2010
To. Hilarious that posted on 10/07/2010. I don't know why people keep talking about police when they smoke. They didn't pass the law the city board did. Also it is not illegal to smoke in a parking lot just inside buildings. So before you start bad mouthing people you need to know your facts.

Submitted By: RobSubmitted: 12/17/2010
"Why do we not have to use an ID to vote? Is this a Ms or Panola City law that says we can't ask for ID? We are asked for ID when we go to the dr., pick up prescription, airports, etc. Why not to vote? Seems to me it would cut out a lot of the frustration we see at the polls." I voted in Batesville and was asked for ID to vote.....makes me wonder....

Submitted By: disappointedSubmitted: 12/17/2010
The newly elected sheriff has made his first order of business to rehire two deputies that were fired by Sheriff Bright. They were fired for a reason.....a see a sign of how things are going to be at the sheriff's office now.

Submitted By: RobinSubmitted: 12/10/2010
Mississippi has a big problem that nobody is talking about: teen pregnancy. Mississippi has the worst teen birth rate in the nation with 71.9 births per 1000 women ages 15 to 19. It has the worst preterm birth rate in the nation, with 18.3 percent of births before 37 weeks gestation and it has the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, with 10.3 deaths per 1000 live births. All of those issues contribute to this other statistic: Mississippi also has the most children living in poverty in the nation, with 31.9 percent of persons under age 18 living in poverty. Here is a link to the stats: You can also use that tool to compare Mississippi with other states.

Submitted By: RozSubmitted: 12/6/2010
Please Mississippi residents and Panola County residents...Know your state laws! If you aren't charged with a crime, you shouldn't be held. During that process anything you say (or made to say) can be used against you in a court of law. Do not agree to a search in your home when asked unless they can present a search warrant right then. If they have a REAL warrant they shouldn't be asking. Saying NO doesn't mean you are guilty. It means you know your rights and will use them. Police Officers can be just like Bill Collectors. Intimidation can be their only strength. There are good officers out there, but don't wait until one messes up your life to find out that you came in contact with the bad one. The GOOD COP / BAD COP thing is not a myth!

Submitted By: Miriam KimbroSubmitted: 12/4/2010
Rita, Rupert, John, Thanks for including Beth's column this week. We did, indeed,just have funeral services for G-man's mother on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. I've just got to add that she was my mother, too, and I want to happily and proudly take credit for the fact that not only family, but ALL our close friends called her Bubba--an unusual nickname for a woman. You see, in my early babbling, trying to say "Mother" the "Bubba" sounds came instead, and she readily accepted her new name. As my brother and I grew, all our friends, and then HER friends.... later, her grandchildren and her grandchildren's friends ALL called her by her unique name. It just fit her--and I'd like to think it really pleased her that she was not a "Mama", "Grandmama", "Nona", "Mrs. Jacks", but a one of a kind, "Bubba". She, herself, was probably not so different from many in her generation:frugal to the point that,as they say, she could make a penny squeal(a quality that served her well as a

Submitted By: Janie L. SmithSubmitted: 12/1/2010
Why do we not have to use an ID to vote? Is this a Ms or Panola Cty law that says we can't ask for ID? We are asked for ID when we go to the dr., pick up precription, airports, etc. Why not to vote? Seems to me it would cut out a lot of the frustation we see at the polls.

Submitted By: Molly's MomSubmitted: 11/30/2010
Dear Panolian, I just love your section "Blast From The Past", especially the 50's and earlier. I love the styles back then! -- Keep it up we love THE PANOLIAN!!

Submitted By: johnnyraystevensSubmitted: 11/12/2010
To the Panolian website administrator: Is it possible for the readers to get a quicker reply system at the bottom of news articles? Many times, there's a 36 to 48 hour wait period for opinions to be posted. I understand that The Panolian wishes to review responses before posting them to prevent obscenity and flame wars, but it stymies discussion to have such a long period before posts are displayed on your site. Your articles are only up on the main page for a few days. If it takes hours or days to approve the submissions, there's not much chance of having a thorough discussion. Perhaps the web admin could check the site more often? Thanks much.

Submitted By: jimSubmitted: 11/11/2010
with prisoner labor for garbage pickup,who oversees the problems in the county like damaged waste containers,throwing containers off the road,strewing garbage on roads or other irresponsible acts?

Submitted By: earlSubmitted: 11/3/2010
well,its finally over, well almost. To all that were running in this election,its time to remove all your (litter) signs etc. .You won;t be able to read them in fours anyway, so go get them.

Submitted By: TrevilleSubmitted: 11/3/2010
Wow, the sheriff's election is really close. What do you guys think will happen in the runoff?

Submitted By: PollyannaSubmitted: 11/2/2010
I was sad to see the photograph of the handcuffed man on the front page of this week's paper. I am a mother and it would break my heart to have a picture of my child in handcuffs on the front page. Come on guys. This is Batesville. Let's be a little more considerate and leave photos of horrific car accidents and alleged criminal activities off the front page. You do a wonderful job of reporting the news but sometimes your pictures can be a bit too sketchy. We are fortunate to have your newspaper in our classrooms. That man may have been some little kid's daddy or uncle or cousin. It would be horrible for a little one to see that. It's easy to get caught up in drama and I realize that drama sells but the photos of Trick or Trunk portray the Batesville we are proud of and we have so much to be proud of.

Submitted By: wife to a TVEPA employeeSubmitted: 10/29/2010
This pertains to the people writing about tvepa. I honestly do not think its TVEPA fault you cant get your bill paid. We all work in this town and most of us are low income residents. I know everyone has a time they feel down because they cant pay a bill on time. I dont think you should go blaming and pointing fingers at people. Thank You Have A Nice Day !!!!

Submitted By: AnonymousSubmitted: 10/18/2010
A member of my family is the victim of a crime commited by a man who is now a state inmate being held at the Panola County jail. I felt angry enough that he has served two years of his five year sentence in the relative comfort of our small town facility instead of in prison where he belongs. I felt even more angry when I read an article in the Panolian earlier this year detailing how two state trusties had been sneaking out of the jail at night to commit more crimes, and in the case of one at least, attend a birthday party. Now I read that, according to Otis Griffin, "Right now, while we're sitting here, who is to say a trusty won't get out and sneak out the back way ?" One would think that the person in charge of the jail one be able to say that,but obviously, one would be wrong. Angry is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel. The person who hurt our family is a convicted sex offender who has also been convicted of multiple other crimes in at least two other states. Do you

Submitted By: MS.driversScareMeSubmitted: 10/13/2010

This is in response to a letter to the editor titled "Urging Merging: be considerate, Y'all" I INSIST on responding to THIS because this is my biggest pet peeve. Cars on Hwy. 6 DO NOT NEED TO MOVE OVER for cars coming FROM the interstate because they weren't taught what a red and white traffic sign means. They're already driving over the exit speed by the time they approach THEIR yield sign! Maybe this official information will help. (MUTCD)-FHWA Layman's terms: (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)-Federal Highway Administration Section 2B.08 YIELD Sign (R1-2) Standard: The YIELD (R1-2) sign shall be a downward-pointing equilateral triangle with a wide red border and the legend YIELD in red on a white background. Support: The YIELD sign assigns right-of-way to traffic on certain APPROACHES to an intersection. Vehicles "controlled" by a YIELD sign(for example: exiting the Interstate APPROACHING Hwy. 6 or Hwy. 35 N.) "need to slow down or stop" when necessary to avoi

Submitted By: mmSubmitted: 10/12/2010
could anybody show me how to watch sp football games on i high

Submitted By: hilariousSubmitted: 10/7/2010
I find it very entertaining that there is a smoking ban in Panola County now. Thought for a long time that it is just crazy but I started paying attention to officers smoking behind the Batesville Police Department. Now I think its extremely hypocritical and just hilarious that I can't smoke in the walmart parking lot but the officers can smoke in their parking lot. Wonder if they will get fined. Doubtful!!!!

Submitted By: ParentSubmitted: 10/7/2010
In regard to comments about lunches being denied for students who owe money......First of all I have 2 young children in school. I send 2.75 everyday for breakfast and lunch, just last week one of my children came home with a letter that he owed 23.75 for lunches. I asked him why I give him money everyday and He still owes that much, his response was I don't know Mama, I always give them my money. Hmmm, makes ya wonder if someone is getting a tip. My other son is given the same amount of money everyday and He says every morning that when He is in line they wont take his money and then I will soon get a note that he owes money also. Don't blame the parents, when you do not know the situation. These parents are decent hard working individuals. I would love for my boys to get free or reduced lunches but the do not because my hubby who supports a stay at home mom and 4 children makes too much money. Funny that we struggle to have that 2.75 per day per child. Don't attack when

Submitted By: SPHS Homecomng QueenSubmitted: 9/30/2010
Yup! The Panolian got me good! Lol! I believe that was my VERY 1st reaction! And William was looking like "What??? Did they really just say your name!" Lol! But hey! I don't think ANYONE knows how much Homecoming meant to me! So it's not an overreaction! I actually achieved something that others may say it's not a big deal! But the picture is HILARIOUS!!!! I can't wait to see this in Blast from the Past lol! And TICKLED if you see all the pics you'll see that he was VERY HAPPY!!! I was crying and he was waving to the crowd with the biggest smile on his face! Lol!

Submitted By: LOLSubmitted: 9/29/2010
I am with Tickled and Molly's Mom. This is by far the most entertaining photo the Panolian has ever issued!! The look on her date's face is priceless!!! I love it.

Submitted By: Molly's MomSubmitted: 9/29/2010
Dear Tickled: I thought the exact same thing! A picture truly is worth 1,000 words. I mean excited is one thing but dang! This girl went a wee bit overboard. But entertaining picture.

Submitted By: tickledSubmitted: 9/28/2010
The picture of the homecoming queen is hilarious. You would thought she had been crowned Ms America, and the look on the escorts face is so comical. I think he is scared or shamed.

Submitted By: Mad Mommy!Submitted: 9/28/2010
Well since i walked to the water i ought as well jump in! There is always more to the story. The mom did send lunch money FAITHFULY for her elem school child. However even though the child ate breakfast at home EVERY morning..the child was still eating breakfast at school thus depleting (mom unaware) the lunch funds. She never got a note or anything from the school saying funds were low or out. This child was allowed to take a lunch tray and then upon knowing thier "mistake" it was taken from the childs hands AND THROWN IN THE GARBAGE...leaving this elem student to not only cry but to have to watch other eat. Now as far as the supplies most dont get used and u never get back what u send in. Just like the teachers and PTA dont want to supply for the whole school..niether do i. If my child needs something then let me know and i will gladly send FOR MY CHILD. And if teachers are gonna be so picky as to what color folder the child can use then they need to make sure Walmart has an abundant

Submitted By: LauraSubmitted: 9/22/2010
I am a native Mississippian and have been a football fan all of my life. I recently moved to Texas and have been shocked at the level of arrogance of native Texans over their high school football programs. If a person dares suggest that perhaps South Panola would play a competitive game with their precious schools, they become unhinged like some maniacal dictator who surrounds himself with yes-men and then goes completely insane when someone dares question his reality. I have been told by these Texans that South Panola would not even be in the top 15 in Texas, that Mississippi could NEVER compete with Texas in football, etc etc etc. Euless Trinity was ranked #1 in all polls except, a fact that these Texas folks can't accept. Since South Panola had a bye last week, Euless Trinity has taken the #1 spot in Rivals poll as well. Will someone please contact the folks at South Panola and ask them to challenge Euless to a game? My guess is that Euless will decline as they are

Submitted By: AptManagerUnfairSubmitted: 9/18/2010
I live in an apt in Batesville(I will not name where). The manager of the apt feels as those she can run my life. She said we cant have overnight guest no more than 2 nights. Thats fair. i understand that. But she also said my boyfriend comes over too much. She doesnt even want him to visit often. She is very religious and doesnt believe in shacking up. She will deny your application if you come in as a couple and are not married. WOW! She will also evict you and only give you 24hours to leave the premises. Talk about Evil. This woman is something else. We tell her something is broke at our apt and she dont fix it but as soon as we have inspection she write us up for what is broken. Lady, are you serious? I need help. I want to report her or something. GEEZ!

Submitted By: TigerMomSubmitted: 9/17/2010
I totally agree with Concerned Citizen. What parent would send a child to school without lunch money...not just accidentally forgetting one day but accruing $20?! It is truly child abuse! I am sick and tired of parents taking advantage of the school! Parents don't want to spend their own money to buy school supplies, assuming that the school or Jr. Auxiliary will buy that child the supplies. That is just downright sorry and trashy, and those parents should be ashamed of themselves! If you have children, people, you need to provide them with lunch and school supplies. Quit being selfish, getting your nails done and buying yourself clothes and spend some money on what your baby needs!

Submitted By: CarrieSubmitted: 9/17/2010
I agree w/the post asking for a column with snippets from online comments. My grandmother Glena Haley, who used to work at the panolian, always felt you should be close to your community and neighbors. No matter their race, sex, or place in life. Printing the online comments in the paper would bring in more comments and give those w/out a computer a chance see how their neighbours feel. Whether bickering, agreeing, or sharing touching stories, it could help bring this town closer.

Submitted By: Concerned CitizenSubmitted: 9/7/2010
To Mad Mommy! How abut the parent take some responsibility? The child will be provided for, but it is the PARENT that needs to talk with the school, NOT the school's responsibility!!! How about asking how the parent could possibly put the child in that situation? I agree the child needs to be taken care of, but cafeteria employees have RULES they must abide by, or they can lose their job. It is all on the parent here. I say feed the child and file charges of child abuse against the PARENT!!!!!

Submitted By: Mad Mommy!Submitted: 8/26/2010
I no longer live in the area but I am wondering what is going on with the schools? I have heard of children not being allowed to eat because they owe money....i mean have we really become that low of society that we deny a CHILD food? Everyday we as parents get bombarded with papers for money for this and that....and fund raisers...and lets not forget holidays when we are asked to send canned food for the needy...yet we have adults working in the schools who take food away from a child because they dont have 40 cents that day?? Or even if they owed $20..take it up with the parents but do not allow a child to go hungry..and then have to sit and watch thier teacher and other students eat!

Submitted By: JERRYSubmitted: 8/2/2010

Submitted By: Lindsay LynchardSubmitted: 7/29/2010
What: An Event to Enjoy and Support The Hour (formally The Methodist Hour). A Hattiesburg, Mississippi based television station that broadcasts weekly all over the world about the Love of Jesus Christ! When: Saturday, August 14, 2010 Time: 5:00 p.m. What To Expect: Speaker - Rev. Steve Casteel, Host of The Methodist Hour Music - Medders Family Band (Genre - Bluegrass and Gospel) Where: Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church 3787 Pleasant Hill Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 Phone: 662-895-2323 Who: Everyone is invited and welcome!! All denominations!! What Else Can You Expect: A live dessert auction! (Bring your most impressive dessert and let's see how much money we can raise to help The Hour)

Submitted By: Ron DenleySubmitted: 7/21/2010
I normally don't read John Howell's column because I'm really not that interested in what's going on in New Orleans. When I read the bold quote, it appeared that he wrote something I would finally be interested in reading. I wish now that I would have just skipped it again. He is so for off the mark with his accusation that the run on the gun stores was a result of "fear and racial fobia". It had everything to do with the liberal Democrats, of which President Obama has always been, penchant for wanting to take our guns away. The proof has certainly been proven since the Dems have taken over. Do a little research on the House Bills that have been proposed in the last couple of years and you will see that the reaction to the elections was not unwarranted. Mr Howell knows that advocationg gun control, especially in the south, doesn't sell newspapers nearly as well as playing the race card. He took the low road and threw out the race card when there is absolutely no proof of his accusation

Submitted By: cordie Battle swearengenSubmitted: 7/7/2010

Growing up in Batesville before it became a bustling city, it was common knowledge that the dead was highly respected irregardless of the ethnicity. However, as many stories and movies portray, the outcome of a situation is depended upon what side of the tracks in which one lived. This seems to be true when it comes to our African-American citizens at Batesville cemetery. Batesville cemetery is located within the city limits and is divided by a fence denoting one side for whites and the other one for blacks. The right side is well manicured while the african american side has fallen trees and grass so tall that it covers one shoes. This is appaling as the dead for so many years were so respected and their final resting place should never be an eyesore. Let's appeal to the powers makers of this fine city to see that equality exist for all citizens buried beneath the Batesville soil.

Editor's note: Batesville Magnolia Cemetery is not operated by the City of Batesville.

Submitted By: a concerned lifelong ms residentSubmitted: 7/6/2010
are we just now getting concerned about our county?they made us quit smoking,they hand out 700.00 water bills then bring four police cars out to take your meter when you refuse to pay a bill that is cearly a mistake.We are not in control of our state officals any more. once they get elected we don't count anymore. Yea we can go to war to protect america only to come back afterwards to be told how we can live our lifes.Is that freedome? is that what our young are fighting for?I only pray that our elected officals can live with them selfs after all the stuff they are doing in the name of THERE JOB and forgetting who put them there.I see abuse with county cars,i see police cars doing 60 and no flashing lights but if we did that we would get a ticket.It dosen't do any good to complain so get used to fellow panola county residents it will only get worse.

Submitted By: EWilsonSubmitted: 7/6/2010
The fireorks were great, the bands were great, however I was very dissapoiinted in the enertainment for kids. According to what I heard on the radio there was plenty for kids to enjoy.Did that mean 1 pony for rides,or jumping ballons flat on the ground? I was there at 6pm with a six year old who wasn't really interested in the music therefore we and others left.To bad I won,t be inviting frends to next years celebration.

Submitted By: chris corcoranSubmitted: 6/23/2010
everybody does not have a computer and the comments on the internet should be viewed by every one, why can the panolian not have a small column once a week about past and present stories in and around the area.

Submitted By: jerrySubmitted: 6/18/2010
i am using a friends comp. and she may not want her e-mail involved. this man at enid lake is lying about his road blocks and stopping kids. he stopped my daughter and chased her back to our home in enid shores just to see were she lived when i stepped out he took off in his white ford truck

Submitted By: concernedSubmitted: 5/20/2010
northpark apt needs a security gard very bad. people who live over there tell only on who they want to tell on but there really needs to be a light that stays on in front of the office at all times also the apt ments have major need of fixing and lights need to be added behind with all that grass cut down.

Submitted By: Annette WoodsSubmitted: 5/15/2010
I am a truely fortunate person. This morning my ne dog Baily woke me up. I dozed off after putting on toast. She woke me barking to a home filled with smoke. Thank heavens she is in my life!

Submitted By: emily38002Submitted: 4/27/2010
I wanted to comment on the road conditions myself. Don't get discouraged, as I have gone as far as the governors office and Roger Wickers office in Washington, D.C. for the past 5 years. I have talked to the county road manager, a county engineer, the administrator for Panola County, and many others regarding road work. Every time, the response is the same. The money is not there. We have applied for federal funds....there are many roads that have not been paved in 30 years. Yes,.....I said 30 years. They patch and they patch and re-patch and it just makes the road worse and worse over the years. They attempted 4 years ago to bring Sardis Lake drive into specs as they had done Black Jack Rd. They put down a "temporary" patch for one mile of the needed 4 1/2 miles back to the Corp of Engineers property. They have done NOTHING since. And as far as I can tell, they will do nothing in the near future. How many years of applying for federal funds does it take to get the needed m

Submitted By: James A BraxtonSubmitted: 4/24/2010
James A Braxton: I will be seeking and running for the position of Panola county sheriff. I will be turning in my qualifying statement of intent before the deadline, I Will be seeking the position of Panola county sheriff office , I do not have any experience in law enforcement , I operate ( Run Away James surveillance and Investigations ) for none profit , my permits include the cities, and counties, within the state of Mississippi . I am seeking my associates degree in science and criminal justice, I have not held a position in law enforcement, What I will bring with me, I Have over twenty years of experience in the management field of operations, budgeting, delegating job description duties and cost control and managing up to sixty Individuals at one given time delegating is most success tool used today, with this experience I can lead Panola county in the direction that it needs to go ,from the financial, budgets, and the delegating of the deputies of the Panola county sherif

Submitted By: it's a shameSubmitted: 4/20/2010
Smoking, paved roads, who cares? If you do or you don't it doesn't really matter. The law enforcement in this entire county is so corrupt it's just up to who you know anyway! Give em a free case of beer if you can. Seems to work for a guy I know. He's got a free DUI to use, got a domestic violence charge against his ex-wife to disappear, a ride or two with a deputy to a couple of calls. Heck, just get your nose dirty. I personally don't care to play that way, but hey, it does work.

Submitted By: Concerned CitizenSubmitted: 4/13/2010
I really wish the county would fix the roads that are out in the country i.e. Cotton Plant Road. I have to drive on that road to go home everyday and it is terrible! They are widening the bridge and that helps, but there are so many pots in the road, I feel like my tires are going to bust just driving over them. You have to swerve to avoid the pots and that's dangerous because the road is very hilly and you can't see if a car is coming over the hill while you swerve. Please fix this!!!

Submitted By: Bobby HathornSubmitted: 4/12/2010
Hello, I'm Bobby Hathorn, a travelling musician, (Banjo/Guitar player) & my wife, Bonnie & I wish to thank all of the fabulous people who've helped us along the way-promoters, directors, and fans of clean, family enter- tainment. Your heartwarming support, enthusiastic applause and spreading the word, is deeply appreciated, and because of your efforts, we were lucky enough to celebrate our 750th show-date. And, for those of you who need a little inspiration, in 1991, I was made redundant by my last band, but after hearing the stories of Stallone, Col. Sanders, Lucille Ball, Flatt & Scruggs, and how they and other famous people persisted, I bought a used recorder, mounted it on a discarded Gatorade display stand,(we didn't have the money to buy a desk) and started sending my promo's out. So, any of you who've just gotten laid off, made redundant, or oughtright fired, believe in yourself! After all, Edison got kicked out of school for being dumb...Elvis once made a "C" in music and was

Submitted By: Jonathan EllisSubmitted: 4/12/2010
What is going on with our county. I hope a local incumbant for any office asks for my vote. My tags have gone up, my taxes have gone up, I am forced to pay the county for garbage collection, and now if I want to dump my garbage I have to pay them again to let me do it. What a bunch of thieves! Jonathan Ellis Natural Born U.S. Citizen

Submitted By: tired of the roadSubmitted: 4/1/2010

Submitted By: Glenda ClarkSubmitted: 3/28/2010
the ban on smoking in public places is not legal by no means the people of Batesville did not vote on this and if you place a ban on smoking you should ban the sale if cig. in Batesville as well you know why you don't the money it all comes down to a few people who think they have a right to control others and fill their pockets with tax payers dollars

Submitted By: Carl WatkinsSubmitted: 3/19/2010
Smokers are saying that their rights are being taken and what will come next. This isn`t the first freedom that has been taken from us by the government. While i think that a motorcycle helmet is a good idea I don`t like the government telling me I have to wear it. It`s not their place to decide for an adult how to live or what risks are acceptable.The same applies to the life vest rules at the lakes.Sex toys are illegal to buy and sell in this state. I`m sorry but my sex life is none of your business.Nais wants to control what you do with your property.The people who run and live in Batesville want to tell the people outside of town what they can do on and with their property.If the bypass wants to come through my land do I have the right to say no or will you try to take it ?We the people have only the rights they want us to have, and they take those whenever they want. And we can`t stop them.There is no way for me to change any laws that take decisions from me.And sometimes that ma

Submitted By: chelsea Lynette GoldenSubmitted: 2/20/2010
What do you mean by your getting somewhere?

Submitted By: Teresa A. BrownSubmitted: 2/9/2010
I am a former native of Batesville, MS and I currently resides in the City of Memphis. I would like to say that the staff at the Panolian have excellent news coverage.Although, I miss stopping by the BPs on HWY 6 and gathering the local papers on Tuesdays and Fridays; I still enjoy reading the broadcasts online; it keep me closer to home.Keep up the Great work!!!!!

Submitted By: angeredSubmitted: 2/9/2010
At first it was the smoking ordinance now its where we can park. You might as well tell us what we can wear, where we can eat, and when we may plan activities around your dictating our every move. Anything else you want to put restrictions on? Hey, how about public affection? I dont think you have tackled that one yet... What happened to freedom and our rights?

Submitted By: babybSubmitted: 2/5/2010
The city needs to do something about the parking of the cars on Panola front of the Church.This is a very dangerous spot coming from Lester Street onto Panola Ave.You cannot see traffic coming up the street because of the parked cars on Sunday or when the church meet.My kids and I was almost hit by an suv because I couldn't see what was coming.In a case like this nothing is done until somebody get hurt or killed.

Submitted By: concer citizenSubmitted: 2/2/2010
How to save money for the city. On my days off I am in different places in town and different hours in the morning and evening. Everywhere I go there are city employees or school employees taking care of personal business in city vechiles. They are at the bank, at TVA paying there light bill. They are at walmart talking or shopping. When do they work. Oh the city police are always on the phone. One of the biggest loses of a business is time. When employees steal time they are stealing money. When they steal money they are taking from the taxpayers.

Submitted By: Ncat445Submitted: 1/16/2010
To the Editor, thank you for correcting me, I do apoligize to TVA the utiliy company I was referring to is Tallahtchie Valley EPA

Submitted By: cchamblessSubmitted: 1/13/2010
what does a grandmother have to do to get help for abused children from the cps? abandoned,abused,dragged from place to place, i have begged, cried and poured out my concern for these 2 boys and nothing is done.please,panola county dhs, do your job and save these children.

Submitted By: Ncat445Submitted: 1/13/2010
I will keep communicating on TVA about there unfair policies until they make some changes in the way they do business with certain communities I do believe that there is a double standard in which they operate

Submitted By: Submitted: 1/13/2010
I am writing this comment in concern of our utiliy company TVA, I ask for and extention to pay my bill, they gave me until the 12 day of the month to pay the bill but I told them my check would not come until the 14 that morning but they refuse to work with me,and insisted that service will be shut off in these cold winter months where is the help for low income people.(Editor's note: TVA does not sell power to consumers. They sell power to distributors who sell it to consumers. This post is probably directed to the local power distributor and not Tennessee Valley Authority.)

Submitted By: concernedSubmitted: 12/11/2009
To: A concerned mom of a 2nd grader. My cousin had the same problem with her daughter and she got a child advocate to help her. Her daughter had a learning disability and needed help. The Mom fought the school and the systems and finally got help. Keep pushing for your son's rights.

Submitted By: Joseph WatsonSubmitted: 12/1/2009
Boy.... I tell you im proud of the TIGERS. I knew they was gonna come back. I use to go school at Pope Jr High with Lee Self and I just knew he was gonna make himself usefull out on the field at SP. Keep it up Lee there is still alot more to be done.

Submitted By: BobSubmitted: 11/19/2009
Maybe a law enforcement person can answer this question for me. I can ride down certain streets {We all know the ones}. On any given day I have people whistling or hollering trying to sell me drugs. They don't know me from the man in the moon. How come a law officer doesn't get in a plain car, plain clothing and ride those streets? I have a theory but I will wait for comments before I give it.

Submitted By: ERCLERKSubmitted: 11/13/2009
I have visited friends who live on Henry Heafner Rd and was amazed at all the drug activity and run down the street is. Don't get me wrong I am far from thinking I am better than anyone. But I do think that this street should be cleaned up. The police or an ambulance is there often. I feel for the children that live in this unsafe place.

Submitted By: George BurnsSubmitted: 11/7/2009
When are you Batesvillans going to wake up to what is going on at your local hospital and how its effecting your community.You are just like the Germans before WWII, you have been shoveled crap and are eating it up like it was fried chicken on Sunday.Talk to you friends that work at the hospital or better yet the ones that got fired because an Oxford doctor wanted a new crew, not local workers.WAKE UP george burns

Submitted By: Law EnforcementSubmitted: 10/7/2009
Hello people of Panola Co. I have seen many post on here about the Sheriff's job, If you all want a good honest law enforcement man I would be willing to help. I have 14yrs in law enforcement and am honest and fair, and hold a Miss. certification, If you can let me know who to talk to, I will be glad to come address the people of Panola. Thank you and may God bless you all. Michael

Submitted By: Aussie MomSubmitted: 10/1/2009
This is to LAW DAWG. I need to ask you something about being a police officer for my son. If you see this please respond. I will be brief. I just see you make comments from time to time and need some help please. THANKS!!

Submitted By: family memberSubmitted: 9/30/2009
This is in response to the comment "dwayne" posted on 9/18/09. Since this is MY family that you're talking about, I need to correct a few things. First of all the only weapon involved was the shotgun the shooter used, there was never a bat! Second of all the DA has not ruled this self defense. The case is still open and will go to Grand Jury. There were 4 people in the house when this happened, 3 of them are victims.....the shooter is not a victim!

Submitted By: concerned town memberSubmitted: 9/29/2009
(about the man walking free after attempted murder): Even if it was in his own home, if you were at your families house and someone that was a resident at that house tried to shoot another family member when they've done NOTHING wrong, would you sit back and watch??? or try to do something about it? I'm sorry but i'd try and do something about it!

Submitted By: george burnsSubmitted: 9/29/2009
The hospital,from the inside: The hospital that you family doctor would have rather died than send you to is pretty much the same, except now they own it. It's theirs, their rules, their play ground, If you want to work here you take the pay cuts and like it.Some nurses have said" I've lost my rent". I don't think your doctors have."I can't sent my child to school". They can,don't kid youself they make money and they will make more. They didn't do it for the county, they did it to make MONEY,beats raising horses.You have good nurses and other employees here, but they feel forced to take it to make it(even if it's barely) You doctors,are now one of the largest employers in the county. By default they also effect the economy in this county.As some say"if you ant got it, you can't spent it.They will. There is so much more but time will not allow it now. george burns

Submitted By: concerned citizenSubmitted: 9/29/2009

Submitted By: panola citizenSubmitted: 9/29/2009

Submitted By: THOMASSubmitted: 9/27/2009
Im writen because of my concern about swine flu goin around at panola county schools and they arent sendin anything home to make parents aware of it i think we shouldve been on high alert i took my child to da dr for a check up and there dr alerted me he had 50 cases of swine flu come in n 2 weeks just imagine the entire month just concerned!!!!

Submitted By: dwayneSubmitted: 9/18/2009
the fact this man walking free is due that was his home and he does have right to defend himself fact district attorney rules self defense its true there lot that went on this home it bad it come to shooting but man should never assualted him with a bat in this situation nobody wins im sadden for your family that youll sufferin for him i hope he get better im been to med many times to see people i know it tough on the family

Submitted By: A concerned mom of a 2nd graderSubmitted: 9/18/2009
My son has had a problem from the get go with his 2nd grade teacher.... I will not go into detail on everything, but I will say that yesterday when my son got home from school he started crying because his teacher had him read a story, please make a note that my child has sever ADHD and speech problems, after reading the story he was told to read the teacher made the comment to him that two other boys that sit beside him "CAN READ BETTER THAN HIM." True as it may be that the other two children may read better than my child, gives the teacher NO RIGHT to discourage my child any more than he already is. I have spoken to the teacher in the past month about sending my sons reading book home and she said that she doesn't want the book messed up that it has to be taken care of... and refuses to send the book home. She has also sent me a note home on his progress report that He has a short attention span... which I noted on his forms on day one that this problem would occur and that my son ha

Submitted By: RoxiSubmitted: 9/14/2009
Hello Everyone Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ms. Carolyn Porter 0f somwhere on Mount Olive Rd.???

Submitted By: SylviaCoronaSubmitted: 9/11/2009
I actually want to put myself for hire in the dental field. I am a dental assistant and have 2 years experience. I live in Oxford and moved in with my sister in July of this year. She also is a dental assistant and works for the Farese family dental office. I pray someone hears my prayer. I am spanish bilingual and a church going person. You can email

Submitted By: From iraqSubmitted: 9/6/2009
On the sunday beer sales i also believe you should let the people vote.Sometimes its best to listen to your people thats what good leaders do.

Submitted By: From IraqSubmitted: 9/6/2009
Im not real sure what to say about all the comments that people have made about others and churches.And you all wonder why the youth of today doesnt have any respect,manners,or morals today.Look at the way we responded about someone sayen somethen about the church.What happen to jus prayen for them?Bless you all.

Submitted By: Billy DavisSubmitted: 9/1/2009
I'm working on a story about swine flu victims in Panola County. If you know of someone who has contracted the virus, contact me at The Panolian at 563-4591. Thanks!

Submitted By: Concerned Town memberSubmitted: 8/31/2009
What is our town coming to when they let an attempted/possible murder walk free? He meant to shoot his wife and another family member grabbed the gun just in time and was shot instead. Now he's laying in his death bed. I just found out today that they let the other man walk with assualt with a deadly weapon because he has a broken leg and the jail doesn't want to pay the dr. bills. That man is crazy and I believe that he will try to kill his wife or someone else before its over with.

Submitted By: Darlean M. BasuedayvaSubmitted: 8/26/2009
My name is Darlean Griffin-Basuedayva. I was born in Batesville, but haven't lived there since 1982. Although I don't live there, it's great to view the Panolian and keep abreast on what's happening in my home town. Keep up the good works!

Submitted By: Wesley TramelSubmitted: 8/23/2009
..This is in regards to Rolando in August 21 paper .Why should the peoples of Panola help a company get a loan from the States of Mississippi we have already lost a lots of ours hard earn Taxes to this man the county went in and rewire the Factory which was stolen. They gave him the Factory for jobs which never came.Mr. Bulter took the title and put its up for money to get started up,where did that money go,he had not show any thing showing where.We would not be in this boat if the now late Mr. Avant has not took his power over the board to get its his way to give its away.We the peoples need ours road pave and some need to be repaired which they say that the money is short for this. But they will go out to help get the loan for the Factory which still will not come around to open, and we will still be paying for its THE PEOPLES of the COUNTY Need a say so in things when its come to giveing away ours tax dollars,I for one say let MR.Bulter get his ouws loan again he did once and Let

Submitted By: Carol S.Submitted: 8/17/2009
Where is Representative Travis Childers? Is he having any town halls to discuss the issues with his constituents? Where did he go? He went to Israel. In this time of crisis, our Congressman has demonstrated just how much he values our, the voters, opinions about the issues. Our issues include Health Care Reform, the mounting national debt, Social Security's future, rising taxes, jobs being out sourced to foreign countries and the rising cost of gasoline. We are also concerned about taxes going up when the economy is so bad and people are still losing jobs. Come home Congressman Childers and listen to what We The People want and do not want from our government. Failure will be reflected in the voting booth.

Submitted By: Submitted: 8/7/2009
Ther is about 3 houses on broad street that make the whole street look bad.One house has several trucks in the yard and the yard is coverd in gravel.Next door the house has five to six cars parked in the street.Across the street is a house that always has allkind of junk in the yard.CLEAN UP

Submitted By: Jane DennisSubmitted: 8/6/2009
Faced with a funding crisis. lagging enrollment and a lackluster recruitment effort for which she is responsible, Mississippi University for Women president Claudia Limbert is foolishly focusing all her efforts — and an exorbitant amount of the MUW Foundation’s money — on convincing the state that all will be fixed if only the school had a new name. It will require boatloads of taxpayer money to accomplish such an unnecessary name change, not to mention the loss of reputation and brand recognition. With the grand pronouncement of her personally selected new name for the university scheduled for Aug. 10, Limbert is also trying to make it look like SHE has the power to make that happen. According to the state Constitution, the Mississippi Legislature is the only body that can change the name of a state university. The misguided president of my alma mater seems to have forgotten that small detail (or, rather, I believe she knows this fact but is purposefully trying to make it appear tha

Submitted By: BobbySubmitted: 8/5/2009
A church that thinks it is so sanctified that it can't stand a few comments is not a church but a cult masquerading behind its dogmatic beliefs. Seldom is the criticism of any church, school, group, or anything else not the opinion of the writer. If that is their opinion then maybe other folks see it the same way. That should be a clarion call to the church and its members to honestly think about what was said and see if there is a problem. Christian churches are under attack in these days and times and it isn't a good idea to ignore those who may be pointing out a problem. But to condemn someone to hell because they voice and opinion seems to me to be telling folks that those who attend that church think they are about ready to scoot God off his throne and take the job for themselves. This is just my opinion.

Submitted By: AprilSubmitted: 8/4/2009
Where is the lunch schedule for the students this week? I wanted to see what my child would be having for his first day of school and thought it might be in the paper today, but it is not.

Submitted By: kathySubmitted: 8/2/2009
I Don`t Think A Person Should Down A Church! When you Do Your Sending Your Soul To Hell! If You Down A Church You Will Down Your Own Family! I Am Sorry But It Takes A Sorry Person To Do Something Like That.May God Forgive You For What You Said!Who Ever You Are!

Submitted By: KemaySubmitted: 7/27/2009
T: Concerned mother, Submitted: 6/11/2009 May be your comment is a miracle for the little girl and an answer to my prayer since many years ago. God bless you for posting your advice. I am very much concerned for the girl too. Please contact me by email: Thanks!!

Submitted By: CATHY TUTORSubmitted: 7/9/2009

Submitted By: Aussie MomSubmitted: 6/26/2009
I believe one of the missing names from the 6/26 blast from the past in between Calvin Patton and Bob Short in the ball cap is Emit Williams who was probably from Sardis at that time. You don't have to post this comment. Just FYI

Submitted By: Aussie MomSubmitted: 6/25/2009
I love The Panolian. I know lots of people in Senatobia and try to read the online Tate County Democrat and in my opinion The Panolian rocks and rules.... your paper is so much better than other small towns. Keep up the good work.

Submitted By: Concerned motherSubmitted: 6/11/2009
I am a mother who is concerned about my daughters friend. She is obviously upset and bothered that she never gets to see her mother. I am concerned because she is hurting inside and her father truly don't see how it's hurting her. I would like for the community to take a closer look at your situation as this may be pertaining to you. Do you really think keeping a daughter from her mother because of money is really christian like? You attend church every sunday, what would Jesus do? If this profile fits you, please take your daughters feelings into consideration. This shouldnt be about jealousy or hate for her mother. It should be about the love for your daughter and whats best for her. She clearly loves and misses her mother and understands the fact that she can only see her mother when you decide to let her. This will only cause her to despise you for keeping her from her mother. I already see it happening, and it will happen when she is old enough to speak what she truly thinks about

Submitted By: SharronSubmitted: 5/16/2009
Re: Parking Laws There are a lot of people in Batesville that don't have options other than parking in their yards. I don't think we should be able to park in the street though, mostly because there are so many narrow back roads that could really be hazardous with cars in the streets. On a side note, I think there are areas that desperately need sidewalks. My neighborhood has a lot of children and no sidewalks for them to navigate around the neighborhood on.

Submitted By: Jonathan EllisSubmitted: 5/8/2009
My wife was in a local business the other day and the owner, which I will not name, recognized that she was from our church. He immediatly began to cuss and swear and run down our church to someone else in front of her. Scince when does a man act like that in front of a lady? Especially a business owner. I will definitly never do buisness there again. His comments were in reguard to the people who are protesting the gravel pit opening on Eureka Rd. Our church does not protest this because that is not what a church is for. When a church becomes political they loose sight of their real purpose, which is to bring others to Christ. I wish people who thought they knew where a person or organization stood on an issue would contact that entity for the truth instead of spreading rumors and lies. Where are all the real men, with character and honor? I'm sure there are some left, but as our community grows larger they are becoming fewer and fewer.

Submitted By: VICKISubmitted: 5/6/2009

Submitted By: Submitted: 4/5/2009
Maybe these people are doing something at this house that is illegal like a boarding house without permit, or drugs, etc. Maybe this should be looked into.

Submitted By: CraigSubmitted: 3/31/2009
I will wait until I see an official document before I proceed further. But for the record the flyer that I have that was printed and being passed out all over town yesterday clearly states "PAVED SURFACE". I hope you are right Ann about gravel being acceptable. I can live with that.

Submitted By: tired citizenSubmitted: 3/31/2009
I hope that if the so called"TOWN OFFICIALS" do make it an ordinace of no parking in your own personal yard or on the street in front of your house, that this also applies to the so called "TOWN OFFICIALS" Oh, I forgot, they are the only ones that have a paved driveway or what you call a hard service driveway, if they don't they just get the city to pay for it!

Submitted By: ANN Submitted: 3/31/2009

Submitted By: Craig BrummettSubmitted: 3/30/2009
I received a flyer today stating that the Town Officials of Batesville were holding a meeting to discuss the possible vote on making a mandatory ordinance on parking in the yard and on the side of the street you live on illeagal. I also read in the flyer that you must have a paved surface to park your vehicle on. In an economy as it is today in Mississippi and the entire United States I find it hard to believe that the leadership of this fine town would place an ordinance on the voters and taxpayers that would require them to spend unecessary funds to pave the their drive ways. I hope that especially in an election year that town officials would seriously consider the economy along with the unemployment rate and work together to bring industry into the city for its residence along with the residents of Panola County to provide employment rather than a way to make them spend more money that most people do not have at this time. I hope that other citizens will voice their opinions be

Submitted By: Valerie HeenanSubmitted: 3/26/2009
I am a former resident of Henry Heafner Road. I believe that the law needs to clean that road up. There are too many drugs there. The honest people that do still live there are scared to let their children out to play. I left there on good terms; however, the reason that I moved was the fact that this was occurring. I refuse to let my children live there any longer. The entire rental property should be shut down and confiscated. Thats my opinion.

Submitted By: LewieSubmitted: 3/19/2009
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